Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Review: Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss

Disclosure: PR sample

Do you remember when Smashbox first introduced their O-Glow products?  They claimed to magically transform from clear into your "perfect pink" on application.  Bourjois' latest lipgloss, Rose Exclusif, is of the same ilk - it claims to use your skin's natural pH to give you the perfect shade of pink for your complexion.

Now, I can't really speak for the science, but I've been around my house testing the gloss on a variety of things (such as paper, my mirror, my husband) and have found that it turns the same shade of pink on everything.

As a gloss, it's rather lovely; the applicator brush is small, and has a pointed tip, which allows you to get a very precise application.  The gloss itself is relatively thick, and slightly sticky, which does enable it to last for a fair old while.  And by heck is it shiny.  It's one of the shiniest glosses I've ever used.

On my lips, it applies first off as a medium, slightly mauve toned pink which is fairly subtle.  After an hour or so, it generally deepens to a sheer fuchsia.  While I like both shades equally, I've paired it with strong eye makeup once or twice, and then suddenly realised when I've made it into the office that I'm wearing a strong eye and a strong lip at once, when I really didn't intend to.

The fuchsia shade shown is the colour I've seen it turn to on pretty much everything I've applied it to (and I recall that this is a similar shade to what the Smashbox O-Glow products turned to on most people too).  I quite like the colour - the fact that it's relatively sheer balances out the brightness.

The best thing about this gloss is the way that it stains the lips once the gloss has dried down.  My lips are left stained the exact colour of the gloss in the bottom photo above, and the stain takes a fair bit of rubbing to shift.  This property makes the gloss so much more appealing to me, as I love a stain, and it's good to know that one application of gloss is going to go such a long way.

Overall - I doubt the science behind the "perfect pink" premise, but I really like the gloss anyway; not just because it leaves such a pretty stain on the lips, but because the gloss texture is rather gorgeous too.  While I probably won't buy this particular gloss again, I will be investigating more Bourjois glosses because of it.

If you'd like to try this for yourself, you'll find it in Boots, Superdrug, and other Bourjois stockists, where it will set you back a reasonable £6.99.


  1. Had to laugh about the colour being the same shade of pink for everyone - I too tried O gloss and found exactly the same problems, quite nice to start with and then too much fuschia if any further application/just left to its own devices! But I did like the gloss of the O glow, and this does look a tad less bright than that - the difference between US pink and European pink maybe? Thanks for the post and pics. Jan x

  2. It's definitely a wearable fuchsia - not florescent bright or anything!

  3. it reminds me of toofaced mood changing lipgloss, the pink one.. i love colour changing products!
    there's a company in america "del sol" that sell colour changing nail polish, i just wish we could get it in the uk!

    check mhy blog if you get the chance, for reviews and makeup looks =)


  4. Good to know! And I bet that one shade of pink would be very unflattering on me :P

  5. I adore Smashbox O Gloss! Have you heard about their newest one, O Gloss Noir? Its just launched and works exactly the same as O Gloss but has a black base so turns to your personalised berry shade. Am desperate to try it - has anyone tried it?
    Great blog btw, love TBAG xx


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