Monday, 13 September 2010

Review: Barbara Daly Stay Pout Long Lasting Lipstick

Disclosure: These were PR samples

Barbara Daly at Tesco is one of those makeup ranges which contain a number of products which are cult favourites.  The Goodbye Yellow basecoat has a reputation much bigger than it's tiny price, and I've recently been enjoying some of the new autumnal nail colours.  These new lipsticks, Stay Pout, are long lasting, highly pigmented lipsticks with a satiny finish - and their name is a pun, which makes them doubly as excellent in my mind.

Left to right: Perfect, Diva, In the Pink, Autumn

I really like this type of lipstick - the non-tapered, slanted stick looks sleek, and the large surface area at the tip makes applying a layer of lipstick a breeze.  The formula is relatively creamy, applying smoothly to the lips,  although you'll need two passes to get a fully opaque application.  The four shades all look like they'd work on many skin tones - none of them contain any tricky undertones, in my opinion.

My favourite is probably Perfect, as it's a wearable yet still noticeable nude colour, with a pinkish tinge that prevents the dead-lip look that some nudes can bring.  Autumn is a fairly safe way to try out the brown lip trend that we're all supposed to be sporting this autumn / winter - it's a bronzed, not too scary brown with a touch of pink.

Top row, left to right: Perfect, Autumn
Bottom row, left to right: In the Pink, Diva

As you can see, the finish is creamy, with a pretty sheen.  Whilst the lipsticks go on smoothly, they dry down within a couple of minutes - I'm guessing this drying down is what makes them long lasting - and eventually, after three hours or so, they become quite dry and uncomfortable on the lips.  Applying a little balm underneath helps to keep them more moist, but reduces the long lasting properties a little too.  

For the price - just £5 - these are pretty good lipsticks, with a selection of wearable, pigmented colours, and a pretty finish.  Just don't expect them to last the whole day - reapplying after three or four hours is probably necessary to maintain that smooth finish.  

If you'd like to grab one (or more!) of these for yourself, you'll find them at Tesco stores now, where they will cost you a very reasonable £5 each.  What do you think?  Could you see yourself picking one of these up with the milk?


  1. I like the Barbara Daly range - it always looks so good, but I am always disappointed that when I get to the local Tescos there is either nothing of what I wanted or it is all scrunched up and spilled and mucky. It is a shame because she is one of the best makeup artists I have ever seen for creating a good wearable look. Thanks for the post and pics Jan

  2. They look really lovely on - there are some nice, flattering colours. I wouldn't care if they weren't that long-lasting, as long as they didn't make my lips feel dry.

  3. I agree, Jan - I'm always slightly put off by the displays in Tesco, they look a little unloved. Such a shame, as it's such a great brand!

    Meeta, I reckon you'd get three hours out of them before they dry out on you - and the colours have a beautiful lush depth which is very good for the price! Definitely worth a go :)

  4. Hello, I Googled reviews for this particular product and stumbled across this site, which was helpful. Then I came across another blog which seems to have copied huge chunks of your review. Being a fellow beauty blogger, I just thought you'd like to know. I'm annoyed on your behalf :P here's the link:


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