Wednesday, 8 September 2010

NOTD: Barbara Daly Plum Pudding

Disclosure: Provided as a PR sample

Barbara Daly's Make Up range for Tesco is often a goldmine of great basics which perform well and are very reasonably priced.  The nail polishes are no exception; gorgeous colours, pretty good wear, and a very nice formula.

This shade is part of the limited edition autumn collection, and in normal lighting it's a fairly average deep purple colour, just a few shades darker than a proper Cadbury's Dairy Milk wrapper purple.  Application was easy - the polish is fairly thin and doesn't drag.  I had a few issues with chipping if I didn't use a good topcoat, though, so be warned.

With a flash, you can see what makes this unassuming polish so beautiful: when the light hits it, the low level sparkle really shows up.  It has a pretty glow with mid blue, purple and a touch of red running through it.  Gorgeous.  This is three coats, although I could have skipped the third, as two coats is near enough fully opaque for the non-fussy.

I've worn this three times since being given it as a PR sample two weeks ago, which is saying something, I think!

Available now at Tesco stores, this little gem will set you back £3 for 7ml - a very reasonable price to pay.  I might go grab a backup, as I think I'll be wearing this shade rather a lot this autumn and winter.

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