Saturday, 4 September 2010

NARS Launch Pure Matte Lipstick

Disclosure:  Samples were provided by PR.

NARS have just launched a range of six matte lipsticks, designed to be a completely modern take on matte, with plenty of pigment, and a luxuriously moist feel.  Sarah and I popped down to Selfridges to have a bit of a gawp this week - the lipsticks (and indeed the gloriously attractive male MAs) are indeed gorgeous.  As Vesuvio, a bright classic red, was applied to my lips, I was told that this is NARS' biggest launch this year.

The selection of shades might seem a little small, comprising of only six colours, but we were told that all the shades are designed to work with most skin tones.  And indeed, the six shades - ranging from neutrals to a classic red - all look fairly easy to pull off in the tube; no strange undertones here.

The texture is very smooth and moist for a matte lipstick, and the level of pigment is fabulous - one swipe directly from the tube gives fully opaque colour.  Unsurprisingly, the lipstick lasts relatively well; I found that after my evening meal I was missing a bit of pigment in the centre of my lips, but was pleased to find that the lipstick was still moist enough to redistribute by smushing my lips together.

Smooth, moist and long lasting as these are, they are not without a little bit of drying action.  I'm yet to find a matte lipstick which doesn't dry the lips out at least a little bit, and these are no exception.  Despite this, the lipstick is comfortable to wear and while you might need a slick of balm after a day's wear, they won't cause peeling or extreme dryness.

For an absolutely smooth finish, it's probably best to exfoliate and moisturise the lips before application, as the ultra matte finish will show up flaky, imperfect lips.  And lipliner is a must, particularly with the red shades; creamy, matte and highly pigmented is always going to involve a little bit of bleeding.

The lipsticks are available now from NARS at Selfridges, and cost £18 a tube - pricey, yes, but definitely high quality, with some glorious packaging to boot.  Available in the following shades:
  • Vesuvio (classic bright red)
  • Tonkin (brownish plum)
  • Terre de Feu (clarety red - this is the one I'm wearing in the photos above)
  • Tashkent (nude beige)
  • Volga (aubergine)
  • Bangkok (rose)
What do you think?  Do you like to wear a matte lip?  Are these on your wishlist?


  1. love those reds on you! Gorgeous

  2. That colour looks amazing! The texture looks quite nice as well, not such a dry matte on the lips. I can appreciate they will be a little drying though.

    I quite like a matte lip now and again, especially with shades like red. I occasionally pair them with lip gloss to, to create a comfortable long wearing lip colour.
    Jane x


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