Friday, 3 September 2010

Lippmann Collection Arriving in the UK via House of Fraser

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann's gorgeous nail colours are coming to a House of Fraser near you in mid October, as part of their new Apothecary.

I've had the cult favourite Happy Birthday shade for a few months, having begged a US friend to get hold of a bottle for me a while back, and if it's indicative of the quality of the rest of the Lippmann glitters, I'll be buying 'em all.

Described as "a party in a bottle", Happy Birthday is made up of multi-coloured foil hexagons and squares in a variety of sizes, and applied to the nails it's the ultimate in sparkly, eye-catching glitter goodness.

The Lippmann Collection polishes will cost £14 each - a touch spendy, indeed, but if you're a lover of high-octane glitter, these are some of the most unique you'll find.
I'm definitely picking up Across The Universe, an amazing glitter in shades of blue and green.

If glitter's not quite your thing, the range also includes some beautiful metallic, creme and shimmer finish polishes in a myriad of fashion forward shades.  Have a peek at the Lippmann US webstore to see the range in full.

What do you think?  Will you be picking any of these up?


  1. I cannot WAIT to buy the Happy Birthday one.

    I remember falling in love with it when I saw it on another blog ages ago and I still want it now.

    I'm currently wearing Models Own Silver Spangle which is hexagonal bits of glitter which has not chipped at all so that has satisfied my sparkly craving for the mean time.

  2. grrr, i want this and can not get it anywhere , i dont do waiting!! thanks for your blog!


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