Saturday, 18 September 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Foundation - AAAAH MY EYES!

This foundation costs £45. (Just had to put that out there right away. Take a moment to absorb the shock, and I'll continue with the review.)

Le Metier is one of the most aspirational beauty brands around at the moment. Their reputation and exclusivity (they're only available at Liberty in the UK and Neiman Marcus in the US) along with their sumptuous shades and sleek, serious packaging have helped them achieve their position as a status-symbol purchase.

I'll be honest, it was partly this sense of elite exclusivity that convinced me to part with £45 for just less than 30ml of goop in a weighty glass pump bottle. I was probably feeling a bit "hey I'm worth it!" consumer brainwashed.

It was also the fact that I wanted a perfectly matching and totally reliable product for the occasions where I decide I need the extra level of made-up-ness that a good foundation provides.

Flawless Foundation contains Hyaluronic Acid, a plumping/hydrating skincare ingredient that's currently en vogue. That might be the reason it applies so well, sinking into the skin like a lightweight moisturiser and leaving no visible excess. The pump dispenses almost exactly the right amount for a full face, so nothing is wasted. (Which at the price, is a very good thing.)

Coverage is light to medium. Here's a couple of pictures to illustrate - the black eyeliner mark is there as a control.

It doesn't quite match my hand, there, but on my face it's spot on. So far so good.

BUT! I don't like using this foundation, and I won't be repurchasing. Why? Because if this stuff gets anywhere near my eyes, it stings like crazy. I didn't realise until I got this how easily foundation can get into the eyes, especially when blending around dark circles. Every time I've worn this, it's been totally game over for my eye makeup, thanks to the stinging and watering caused by me getting the Le Met in my eyes.

Verdict - could have been a Holy Grail, but sadly more of a Poisoned Chalice. I'll stick with the lovely Kaleidoscope palettes from Le Metier in future.


  1. Hi Sarah, I have a question. I read somewhere the shades in the Kaleidoscopes are supposed to be used layered and not placed next to each other like we traditionally apply them. Since I don't have acces to Le Metier here, there's no way I can ask a makeup artist for the brand... do you have any more information on that?

  2. Hi Musing on Beauty, I do have some more information :) That technique is called Couches de Couleur,and it involves placing all 4 of the colours one on top of the other, over a base of eyeliner, to create a multi-tonal effect. The colours are all applied below the crease. London Makeup Girl has a post on it here -

  3. We have a love/hate relationship with this foundation too! It applies beautifully but then about half an hour later it turns ultra cakey. I'm hoping it might like winter skin more than summer skin...

    Hope your eyes have recovered!

  4. @The Beauty Bite I haven't noticed the caking effect. Are you using a primer? I use it VERY carefully these days and stay well away from the peepers, so eyes are OK :)

  5. Are you crazy? No matter what brand you are using you never place foundation around your eyes. All foundations go on the face and no higher than your orbital bone. The skin under and above your eyes are the thinnest piece of skin on your whole body with no oil glands. The whole reason there are concealers is because those were made and tested for that very sensitive area. Try the Classic Flawless Concealer, and for god sake please keep any and all foundations away from your eyes. Also Im sure a SA would help you to learn how to apply your foundation and concealer. Hope this helps! PS I love this foundation!

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  8. What shadow number use you in this foundation? It has a skin tone like mine!

  9. This is shade 2. Remember that colours might look different on your monitor/my camera than in real life. Test this out at a counter before you buy.

  10. Sorry Sarah, I mean the other girl in the picture... Gemma? What shadow number of foundation used it in this picture? Besos!

  11. Buys in London my husband, I can not go. I use oil free foundation 2.5 of Bobbi Brown and do not know what is my shade in Le Metier de Beauté.
    2, 3 or 4. Any suggestions? Gracias, thank you very much!!!!
    Virginia B

  12. I have no idea I'm afraid! I'd imagine it would be the lightest available, probably 1.


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