Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ellis Faas Light Revisited (Again)

If you read my last post on Ellis Faas' extremely luxe Light product, you'll remember that I was very displeased to find that my £22 eyeshadow exploded all over my curtain, wall, and face.  Shortly afterwards, I received an email from Ellis Faas HQ; they thought I might have one of the earlier pens, which were accidentally given the wrong tip.  I'll admit to thinking PAH, that's very likely, but accepted a replacement none the less.

Surprisingly, it looks like my original purple Light was indeed faulty.  The new one, which was sent in shade 302, a beautiful sparkling pale gold with a greenish cast, has yet to explode on any part of my house (or face).  I can twist the base, get some product out, and it flows reasonably well; certainly much better than my purple one.

So - if you find yourself with an exploding Ellis Faas Light, it's possible you just got a duff one.  If it happens, email the company at info [at] - they might just be able to help you out.  As for me... I've been using and enjoying my new shade 302, and am extremely pleased to have had such good customer service.

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