Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dupe Alert: MUA Lip Gloss Tube = MAC Lip Gelee

Disclosure: PR sample

I've professed my love of MAC Lip Gelee before - they're juicy, shiny glosses in the style of the classic Lancome Juicy Tube, but with an absolutely silky and non-sticky texture.  They cost £12 a tube.  Above, I'm wearing a gloss which has almost the exact same silky, juicy texture - and it's from budget brand Make Up Academy (MUA), which costs just £1.  Yes, £1.  

Like the MAC counterpart, the MUA gloss doesn't last a particularly long time on the lips, and like the MAC counterpart they're best reapplied often to maintain maximum shine.  The similarities continue on the pigmentation front: both glosses look much more intense in the tube than they do on the lip, applying as a sheer wash of colour.  The swatch above is of shade 4, which looks a little bit too orangeypeachy in the tube for my liking, but applies as a sheer peachy pink with golden shimmer.  The biggest difference, to my mind, is in the scent - the MUA gloss smells of sweeties, a little like Love Hearts.  Mmm.

I'll definitely be picking a few more shades up.  If you'd like to try one for yourself, they are available from Superdrug for the very reasonable price of £1.  


  1. Im not a massive fan of glosses but for £1 I might have to try them out xx

  2. Hmm sounds decent, will check out!


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