Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Deal Alert! Seche Vite on 3 for 2 at Boots!

Annoyingly, Boots' website doesn't sell the all-important Seche Vite topcoat, only the less-famous Seche nailcare products. But if you can find it in a local branch, this is a great chance to stock up on the miracle fast-dry topcoat that nail-bloggers and manicurists swear by. It's £8.95 a bottle but I promise it's totally worth it.

The offer's on now at selected branches of Boots and is valid on all Seche. I'm afraid I can't tell you when it runs until as I only stumbled across it by accident while shopping!


  1. I buy mine on Ebay... for about half the price of a shop one... might be worth checking it out if you want a bargain :)

  2. Whooo hooo off to check out Boots. Thanks for the post. Jan

  3. I read somewhere that you can't use Seche Vite with polish free of the Big Bad Three because it wrecks the polish.

    Here, I show my ignorance of all things mani-related by saying that although I know that the Big Three are Bad, I could not name them all (toulene, formaldehyde and ...?) or say why they are Bad, other than they probably could give you cancer.

    Now, on one hand, I say, "but can I be fussed? After all, practically everything could give you cancer, probably. Flippin' apples can give you cancer if the right conditions are met. (No, really, it's true, a study once demonstrated that French farmers who grow apples to make calvados show a higher than average rate of mouth cancer, supposedly because they swill mouthfuls of calvados around their mouths to taste it). Still, it was an excuse to throw out a stack of old OPI polishes and to buy new and up-to-date stuff from this century.

    So, mired as I clearly am in the trench of ignorance and before I spend tomorrow lunchtime in Boots stocking up, here are my questions: (1) is it true that you should not use SV with a polish containing the BBT? And if so, (2) which topcoats would you use with such polishes?

  4. @mq,cb I don't think Seche will wreck a 3-Free polish; I've used it over OPI and Zoya polishes before with no terrible effects aside from a tiny bit of shrinking (which I don't really notice anyway).

    Beaut.ie wrote a really good article about this very subject, so I'd suggest you have a little read:


    Ultimately, nail stuff (like most cosmetic stuff) is very personal: what does work for one person might not work for another - so the best thing to do is to experiment, I'm afraid!


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