Thursday, 2 September 2010

Body Gel Showdown: Aromatherapy Associates vs Vaseline

Disclosure:  Both products were sent as PR samples.

Mmm, body gel.  Beloved of lazy people like me who can't be bothered with much rubbing in, and beloved of people who don't like feeling coated after an application.  Today we're pitting the high street Vaseline Aloe Fresh body gel against the high end Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose body gel.


Both gels are presented in pretty standard squeezy containers.  The Aromatherapy Associates has the cap at the bottom, allowing you to easily squeeze out the last few drops of gel, whereas the Vaseline has the cap at the top - although the evenly balanced bottle will allow you to turn it upside down when close to running out.  I like that the Vaseline gel is packaged in a clear bottle, which makes it fairly distinguishable from any similar cream based products you might have on your bathroom shelf.  The Aromatherapy Associates tube looks much more sophisticated, however, with its stark whiteness and distinguished lettering.

Application & Formula

One of the big draws of a body gel is the lightness of the formula, and both the Aromatherapy Associates and the Vaseline gels are weightless, absorbing quickly into the skin with minimal rubbing.  Once applied, both gels leave the skin feeling smooth and silky without any of that coated feeling you can get with a body lotion or butter.  I absolutely love this feeling; being a hater of body lotions because of that residue, I'm much more likely to apply either of these gels because they leave my skin feeling clean, and because I can get dressed immediately without my clothes dragging on my skin.

The only difference between the two gels here is that the Vaseline variety can become a little hard to rub in and even a touch sticky if you over apply, whereas I've not had any stickiness with the Aromatherapy Associates offering.


Thus far, the two body gels have been neck-and-neck, and it's their scents which really differentiate them.  The Vaseline gel is part of their Aloe Fresh range, and as you might expect it smells fresh, clean, and simple, albeit with a slightly synthetic edge - no discernible floral notes here.  The scent is fairly strong when first applied to the skin, but dies down after about fifteen minutes; I can still smell traces of it after an hour or so, but I have to put my nose to my skin to do so.  I imagine that this would offer minimal interference with a perfume.

The Aromatherapy Associates gel, however, is much more strongly scented, with notes of rose and geranium; after application, I can mostly smell the geranium on my skin.  While the scent does dampen slightly after half an hour, it doesn't disappear entirely.  I absolutely love the smell of this - the geranium is very warm, and sweet without being sickly.  I imagine that this wouldn't necessarily mix well with all perfumes, as it is quite strong - I'd quite happily wear this alone, though, for a soft aura of geranium-y fragrance.

Value for Money

With the Vaseline gel costing a mere £4.88 at Boots, and the Aromatherapy Associates gel costing £25.75, the Vaseline is quite clearly the better value product.  That said, I know which one I'd rather receive as a gift, and it's not the Vaseline!

The Verdict?

Both the Vaseline body gel and the Aromatherapy Associates body gel offer weightless light moisturisation which is refreshing and soothing on the skin - and both are fabulous for a bit of cooling relief when stored in the fridge during the summer.  There's really very little between them, apart from the scent - so if it's a functional, simple gel you're looking for - buy the Vaseline.  If you're looking for a touch of luxury and a more sophisticated scent - buy the Aromatherapy Associates.

If you'd like to try the Vaseline Aloe Fresh body gel, you can get it from supermarkets, chemists and Boots online and instore, where it's currently on offer and will cost £3.25 for 200ml.  If you'd like to try the Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose body gel, you can get it from Aromatherapy Associates online, SpaceNK, or now in store at Liberty, where it will cost around £25.75 for 200ml.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of body gels?  Tried either of these?


  1. Hi, I also absolutely love body gels for light summer moisturisation, but cannot understand your concept of comparing AA & Vaseline?

    The AA product is a completely natural base using only damask rose water (no ordinary water), and the highest grade nourishing repairing essential oils. Sorry but IMO the long term skin benefits of using a good quality product are surely worth the extra cost?

    FYI the Vaseline product is in a bottle & the AA product is in a tube.

  2. You are entirely entitled to your opinion, and those who can afford the AA offering may well agree with you.

    However, £25 is a lot of money to pay for a body moisturiser for a lot of people, hence the comparison to a cheaper product. Both the Vaseline and the Aromatherapy Associates products are essentially the same product type; a lightweight moisturising gel.

    For those unable or unwilling to pay £25 for a body moisturiser, the comparison is most likely useful.

    As to the point of the long term benefits, as the skin is constantly being renewed (and in many people's cases, scrubbed vigorously), I personally doubt there's any long term benefit to either product.


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