Friday, 13 August 2010

YSL's Couture Tips

YSL have been showcasing some beautiful manicure looks alongside their latest nail varnish releases - a duo of colours designed to be worn together.  A great example is the PR image on the left - this is the Couture Tips manicure, shown here with the purple and gold duo.

Gorgeous, no?  And surely difficult to recreate.  Not quite as difficult as you'd think, actually - I've tried this look a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and have been slowly getting the hang of it.

My NOTD to the right uses Zoya Freja (one of my favourite polishes ever), a sparkly gunmetal grey, and Revlon Ocean Breeze, a shimmery turquoise.  Undoubtably, my mani wasn't nearly as perfect as the YSL promo images, but I think I managed it well enough.

I found it much easier to clean excess polish off the brush on the side of the bottle before I began painting the edges of my nails.  I dipped the brush into the bottle carefully to get a small bead of polish on the very edge of the bristles.  I turned my nail to the side, touched the bead of polish to the edge of the nail, and rotated my finger slowly.  With my shaky hands and terrible coordination, I found this much easier than trying to smoothly move the brush along the nail.

The NOTD above shows two coats of the base grey with two coats of turquoise along the edge, with a good coat of Seche Vite to even it all out.  Surprisingly, it only took me an extra ten minutes or so above my usual manicure time to get this look!

What do you think?  Is this something you've tried, or would like to try?  What colour combinations do you think would work?


  1. ocean breeze looks lovely!

    this is definitely something i would love to try. but i'd have to do it on a day when i have loads of free time because knowing me, this will not only take a while, i'll probably also botch it up a few times :p

    great job and i love the colour combo!


  2. I'm lusting after this - your recreation looks pretty fab! x

  3. I used to do this all the time, my fav and first ever combo was baby blue nails with black tips, another one I love is dark burgundy nails with white tips (but I have to remove the red from the tips first because it bleeds into the white) so it's a pain in the butt so I don't do that one often!
    Something to make it much easier, use masking tape or manicure guides from the drug store.
    I need to get me that Seche Vite!


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