Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Unless you've been very distracted, you've probably heard about Urban Decay's latest product, the Naked palette.  Made up of usable, neutral shades in a classy looking golden brown box, it's a step away from the more gimmicky pop up packaging, and a step towards something much more classic and enduring.

In keeping with the usual hype surrounding any new UD palette, it's repeatedly selling out across the U.S. - as soon as it's back in stock on Sephora's website, it's selling out more or less immediately. It's also selling for around £50 on eBay already, which is insane given that it's permanent; there's really no need to pay over retail price for this.

So, when's it out over here?  The answer is October - as usual, us UK folk have to wait much longer than our American cousins - when it will become available in Debenhams stores, for the tiny price of £27.  Which is a small price to pay for 12 shadows, a double ended liner, and a tiny little Primer Potion.

I usually skip Urban Decay's palettes, but I'm really looking forward to getting my paws on one of these.  I love shimmering neutral shades for day-to-day use (the less effort I have to put in in the morning, the better) so I can see this palette becoming a much loved part of my collection.

Further details will hopefully be upcoming...

What do you think?  Buying into this one?


  1. YES! I passed on the Book of Shadows (both I and II) and Alice in Wonderland, but I am definitely getting this one! I agree that it's pretty good value at £27 too.

  2. Im definately going to pick this up, it looks great! :) xx

  3. I'm getting mine this week! I can't wait for it. I LOVE neutral shades. =) And I agree that it's crazy that people are spending so much on it (on Ebay.) I don't think some people realize that it's permanent!

  4. I can't wait to get my hands on this palette. I love all the colours in it.

  5. i really wasn't that intrigued but the more photos i saw, the more excited i became! all my neutrals in one palette? yes, please!


  6. I wish I could get my hands on it, someday perhaps!


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