Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Kit for Eyes

This cute little compact from Trish McEvoy is teeny tiny - the same size as a credit card, and just a little bit thicker.  It contains a base shadow, a highlighting shadow, an eye definer shadow, a dual purpose eye definer shadow / brow colour, and four lid/crease colours - all in neutral, usable shades.  I can't help but make comparisons with Urban Decay's latest cult palette, given the neutral shades - but I think that in terms of portability and overall luxuriousness, this might have the high end edge.

I can imagine this handy little kit would be very useful for travel, with pretty much everything you could need for a variety of eye looks bar mascara and maybe a primer, if like me you suffer from oily lids.  It would also be a great option for those who apply makeup on the train or otherwise on the go.

Available from 1st September at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, it costs £30 - which makes it an affordable luxe purchase.  I'm rather tempted to pop down and grab one of these for myself - and I'm told I'll need to do it sharpish, as the reasonable price and dinky size make it likely to sell out quickly.

What do you think?  Is this something you'd be be interested in?

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  1. I have a similar one from pixi and I love it! I will be checking this out for sure :)


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