Monday, 16 August 2010

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush

I'm happy to admit that I knew nothing of Rouge Bunny Rouge until I started dribbling over the beautiful things sold at Zuneta.  Primarily a European brand, their website doesn't really provide much information about the people and ideas behind the brand.. but the website itself is enough to give you a general feel.  Sleek, pretty, girlie without being sugary, it's a brand that's very feminine, enchanting, and yet thoroughly grown up.

I recently swapped for an Original Skin blush in Florita.  As well as having a pretty fabulous name, the blush is encased in some pretty special packaging; a glossy black plastic case (which has a good amount of weight to it) contains a beautifully embossed powder blush.  The embossing is well defined and pretty, but not so much that you'd be hesitant to use it.

Zuneta recommends this shade for medium and olive skin; probably as it's a deep, raspberry pink which could easily overpower paler skins, particularly given that the blush itself is amazingly well pigmented.  I've been applying it by simply gently touching my brush to the surface of the blush, and layering it on slowly.  This is not a blush you need to swirl a brush over to get a good pop of colour.  The texture is smooth, with the finely milled powder easily sweeping onto the skin.  It has the slightest of shimmers to it; enough to produce a gentle glow, but not enough that you'll be even visibly shiny.  On my pale skin, a sheer layer, blended out well, looks much like the most gentle of natural flushes.

The blush is available in six shades, all of which look fairly natural and flattering; Florita is probably the most intense shade, and it's still workable due to that finely milled, easily layered texture.  Here's the kicker, though: this one costs a staggering £25.  Which is quite a lot of money for a blush.  Admittedly it's a very luxurious, pretty blush, which will no doubt last a long while due to the level of pigmentation... but for me, it's not quite special enough for the money.  I'll really enjoy using this one, but I certainly won't be rushing out to buy more.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, or peruse some of the other shades, Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin blush (and the rest of their range) is exclusive to Zuneta in the UK.

What do you think?  Is £25 too much to pay for a blush, or would the packaging and beautiful texture pull you in?


  1. That looks very pretty, Florita is one I have my eye on to get. I think the most I have spent on a blush is £28 for a Rock & Republic one and I think it was worth it as I love the quality (I wish I had got a couple more before they were pulled from the UK). I do not mind spending that much every once and a while but I tend to keep mulling it over before I check out and pay for it.

  2. Great review, this colour looks lovely on you. I have looked at the RBR blushers often and have considered a purchase. I love the Rouge Bunny Rouge items I have. The products are expensive but each piece I have I use very regularly. Of course my addiction to all these expensive brands means I spend a long time deliberating over each purchase so I find each review and swatch really useful.

  3. It looks lovely - but I'd seriously think about spending £25 on a blush. But I might be tempted. x

  4. I really like the packaging of the brand and lots of their products look great, but i could never afford to buy anything! They're just much too expensive in my mind.
    However this looks beautiful, the colour is lovely and I don't doubt it's high quality. It looks great on you!

  5. So you're the one I swapped it with! I bought it in a whim during my blush crazed phase, but then decided I've got too many blushers for my two cheeks. Glad you like it!

  6. Some very interesting mixed comments here - seems that some of you think £25 is an OK price so long as the quality is good, but others just wouldn't pay the price. Thanks ladies!

    And thank you Joseen, for swapping with me in the first place - I'm also in a blush phase at the moment, and approaching critical mass too! :)

  7. it looks really pretty but £25 is a bit too steep for me for a blusher! :S


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