Sunday, 8 August 2010

Review - Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten Baked Colour Bronzer

Disclosure - PR sample

Is it a bronze? Is it a blush? No! It's Laura Geller Baked Colour Bronzer. (OK technically a bronze. Bite me.)

Hailing from the brand where everything is baked and marble-y, Baked Colour Bronzer is a classic example of the now-very-popular swirly domed baked powder product. Laura Geller is perhaps the authority on the baked swirl format, although her work has been somewhat overshadowed by the much-hyped MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes and their spin-off eyeshadow and blush siblings.

Bronze-N-Brighten is one of many swirly baked products in Laura's range, which also includes blushes, luminizers, face powders, eyeshadows and powder eyeliners.

The 9g powder cake is housed in a black plastic compact with a windowed lid, allowing you to see the shade inside without having to open the compact when rummaging in your makeup bag in the morning.

The lid also manages to incorporate a mirror on the inside, which is a welcome addition. (Usually we expect to see either a clear windowed lid or an opaque lid with an internal mirror, and it's nice not to have to choose between these.)

The mix of colours in the cake is unusual and lovely. An iridescent-ish cool pink with shimmer particles is swirled up with warm matte brown (a typical bronzer shade) and mid toned tan powders.

You can customise the effect of the product by applying your brush to different areas of the cake, or go for a composite rosy tan colour by swirling your brush all over the surface. The powder is silky and well pigmented, and blends easily on the skin.

The finished effect is subtle, natural and wearable, which is a pleasant surprise if you're expecting a high-shine finish like that of the MAC MSF. If you like the swirly, multi-hued effect but shy away from the shimmery disco-ball look, give this a try. I think of Laura Geller's range as the grown-up older sister to MAC's Mineralize product family. Less edgy, less showy, but equally sophisticated and still offering the popular marble effect.

Laura Geller products are available at QVC. Bronze-N-Brighten comes in Fair and Medium shades, and is priced at £22 for 9g. You can also buy it in a set with a handy retractable brush for £26.50. Be forewarned - shipping is £4.95 on top of these prices.


  1. I watch LG regularly on QVC but have been disappointed with the products, she is a great MUA, but the colours are never pale enough for my skin, and I end up looking at best like a warm peach and at worst like full on terracotta!

  2. Ooh, that is so pretty! Love the veining :)

  3. Ooooh very pretty :) I wish Laura Geller products were available where I live (and at a decent price!) because they all look so gorgeous.


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