Monday, 30 August 2010

Review: Hylexin Eye Cream for Serious Dark Circles

Disclosure: Sent as a PR sample

Ah, dark circles.  I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't think she suffers from them, and I'm very aware that my dark circles might appear deeper and darker to my eyes than to others.  Still, that doesn't stop me from trying to do something about them, and so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out Hylexin.

Hylexin claims to address dark circles, pigmentation, and "undereye bulges" - bags, to you and me.  It's one of those products which attracts complete polarisation of opinion, with some people adoring it, and others finding that it did nothing.  The difference in effect seems to be based in the type of dark circle - if yours are genetic or related to lack of sleep, anecdotal evidence suggests that this won't have much of an effect.

The product itself is a standard cream, delivered in some lovely packaging - the tube has a pump on the end, keeping the product fresh and away from grubby fingers, whilst allowing you to squish every last drop out.  The usage instructions state that only a tiny amount of product is needed, and I found that a half a pump was enough to adequately coat my eye area.  The cream is quickly absorbed, and leaves the eye area feeling moisturised.  I found that my undereye concealer glided on very nicely, which was a nice surprise.

But enough of that:  it's all about the results!  Here's a comparison photo:

I'd been using Hylexin for around two months when the After photo was taken.  Ignoring the obvious discrepancies in lighting and badly removed eyeliner, my undereye shadow does look a bit less blue and bruised, and I've found myself skipping the undereye concealer a few times - so I reckon it has made a difference.  It's not a world-changing difference, but I believe it's a noticeable one.

So, would I buy a new tube based on this improvement?  Well... I'd like to say yes, but the sticking point for me is the price.  A tube of Hylexin costs £52 in Harvey Nichols, which is a massive amount to spend on what looks like a fairly small improvement.  That said, the tube isn't quite finished yet, and I've been using it for over two months.  It's definitely worth a try if your dark shadows bother you; if you can find a sample tube or ask an American friend to send one over for you ($59 over there, typically) to see if it works for you, then do - you might find that this makes a noticeable difference.

If you'd like to try Hylexin for yourself, you can purchase it online or in store from Harvey Nichols, where it will cost you £52 for 15ml.  What do you think?  Worth the cash?  Do your dark circles bother you?


  1. I can definitely see a difference. I've tried the 6 in 1 cream but didn't get on with and am hopefully about to try the forehead smoother!

  2. I think that dark circles are not as bad as some people think.

    Speaking from my own experience, I used to think I had really bad ones which for some reason never showed up in photos (maybe because I didn't have them!)

    Then I decided to have a proper look at my face and saw that I didn't have any at all.

    I only get very slight dark circles when I haven't had enough sleep but they fade after a few days.

  3. @Charlie: Looking forward to reading your forehead smoother review!

    @Rhamnousia: I agree with you.. I suspect my dark circles are a lot less noticeable than I think they are - but I can't help my eye being drawn to them :)

  4. I have absolutely horrendous dark circles, and I loved Hylexin - it didn't get rid of them completely, but it did make a noticeable difference, and I no longer have to cake on under-eye concealer (which really just makes them look worse!) in a bid to conceal them. Like you, though, my problem is the price. My tube has just run out, and I can't justify re-purchasing it at the moment, so I'm holiding out and hoping I can find something a little cheaper. If I can't, though, then I'll probably splash out on it, because I hate looking so exhausted all the time!


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