Monday, 23 August 2010

Review: Eyeko Cream

Disclosure: This product was sent as a PR sample.

You've probably been reading a lot about Eyeko Cream recently, more specifically its latest incarnation, Extra Glow, which promises a more silvery glow than the original gold.

In essence, Eyeko cream is a, well, cream based product with a fine shimmer to it, which imparts a glow to the skin.  Nothing particularly groundbreaking there.  One of its main selling points is that it's a three in one product - as well as being used as a traditional highlighter, it can be used as a moisturiser or as an eye cream.  This, for me, is a bit mad - shimmery eye cream? I think not.

As a moisturiser, though, it's surprisingly pretty, if you apply sparingly; I've tried it both under my lightest coverage foundation, and mixed in with a medium coverage foundation, and have found that it adds a subtle glow which doesn't smack of "dewy" - which to me always ends up meaning "shiny".  Used as a traditional highlighter, its also very effective; the texture of the cream is reasonably light and while it does take a bit of blending, it doesn't sit greasily on the skin, like some other budget highlighters.

So what's the difference between the two shades?  While you might think that the difference would be quite subtle, comparing the two products side by side shows them to be quite obviously different.  The photo to the left shows the creams swatched quite heavily, with the Extra Glow variety on the left and the original cream to the right.  On my pinkish skin, the silvery cast of the Extra Glow cream is much more flattering (in my opinion), and I could well imagine that the golden variety would look fabulous with a tan.

With the cream being sold at the rather reasonable price of £8, and the shimmer effect pretty well concentrated, I've been using only the tiniest dab for each application.  So far I've made absolutely no dent in the tub whatsoever - I imagine that this is one product quite likely to go stale long before you reach the end.  A very good budget multitasker - although not quite so much of a multitasker as you'd be led to believe!

If you'd like to try Eyeko Extra Glow cream for yourself, you can find it at the Eyeko website.  Have you tried this?  Do you like it?  If anyone does use this as an eye cream, I'd be very curious to hear more!

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  1. I think I would only be game enough to use it as an eye cream before bed :P

    I think the original would be more flattering for my yellow skintone, but the silver seems quite pretty too.


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