Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Review: Erbaviva Embrace Bath Oil

I'm very aware that many of the bath oils that Sarah and I rave about are of the Extremely Expensive variety.  So recently, despite not needing any more bath oil, I decided to buy a bottle of Erbaviva's organic bath oil, in the interest of scientific experimentation (ahem).

Erbaviva's bath oils are significantly cheaper than some of the £35 bottles we've been testing recently, coming in at a decent £12-£15 for 100ml.  There are four scent varieties; Breathe, Awaken, Balance, and Embrace.  I chose to purchase Embrace, which includes grapefruit, orange and jasmine oils.  Despite sounding like quite a zingy combination, the scent is deep, warm, and relaxing - it's described as "romantic", and it does have that slightly spicy, sensuous thing going on.  It's a great scent for a relaxing pre-bedtime bath (even if my husband does complain that it makes me smell like hippies).

A small amount poured into a bath will disperse across the surface of the water.  It will leave your skin feeling subtly perfumed, soft, but with a definite residue - this is not the kind of oil you want to use if you need to get dressed after your bath.  If you're going to go straight to bed, or put on a fluffy robe and wander about, it's fine, but you'll be too greasy once you get out of the water to get dressed immediately.  The upside of this is that you definitely don't need body lotion after bathing in this - simply allow the oil to soak into the skin.  I like a low-effort way of body moisturisation.

In a way, trialling this oil (and a few other cheaper varieties I have in my collection) serves to highlight the difference between expensive and affordable bath oils.  Expensive oils tend to dissipate and emulsify in the water, leaving little to no residue on the skin, whilst still giving you that heady scent and soft skin.  More affordable oils tend to sit on the surface of the bath, leaving the skin with a residue.  Both have their uses, and depending on the level of moisture you want and the time you have, either can become a lovely part of your bathing routine.

Anyway, back to the Erbaviva - I really like the scent, the inexpensive price tag, and the level of moisture it provides once it sinks in.  Personally, though, I don't much like sitting around feeling oily for a long while - so I doubt I'll repurchase.  If your skin is ultra dry, it might appreciate the residue more than mine does!

If you'd like to try this for yourself, you can find it at BeautyBay.com, where it will cost you £12 for 100ml.

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