Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Review: Ecotools Powder Brush

I was doing a large and boring food shop at Tesco a little while ago when I just happened to pass the cosmetics aisle (ahem).  There were a few brushes on display, and this Ecotools powder brush caught my eye.  It has good green credentials with its bamboo handle and synthetic bristles, and it was reasonably priced at around £8.

I'll admit I wasn't expecting much when I bought it.  I have a few synthetic brushes and they are pretty coarse and a little unpleasant to use.  This brush, however, is the softest synthetic brush I've ever used.  It's softer, even, than my big fluffy Crown Brush powder brush, which I thought was the very epitome of softness.  It has, in fact, usurped my existing powder brush, and I now use it every day without fail.

One of the reasons for it's all round greatness, apart from the softness, lies in the shape of the brush.  The ferrule is an oval shape as opposed to the more regular circle.  The brush head is also more oval than round, and this shape, combined with the flexible, soft bristles, lends itself very well to sweeping powder gently across the face.  It's actually pretty difficult to over-powder the skin with one sweep, because the brush head as a whole is quite bendy; you can't smush powder into the skin, you're forced to apply lightly.  Which is generally a good thing, as far as powder goes.

So, the combination of softness, flexible bristles, foolproof application, and ease of washing make this brush a favourite in my brush collection.  And at just £8, it's a must have.  If you're looking for a new powder brush, I'd highly recommend you try this!

The cheapest I've found it online is at Amazon, although the postage pushes it over the £8 mark a little.  In the real world, you'll find Ecotools range of green makeup brushes at branches of Tesco, Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this brush?  What's your favourite powder brush?


  1. I'm waiting for Boots to restock the set of brushes...I'm enticed by their legendary softness, and the eco concept behind them :) So glad they've come to England finally after hearing Yanks rave about them on YouTube for years!

  2. I got this (and reviewed it too) a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it for bronzer. I'm definitely getting more Ecotools brushes, but indeed Amazon is cheaper than what I have seen in France.

  3. Damn they have this in tkmaxx for £3.99 I picked it up, and them put it down again. Im going back tomorrow :) x

  4. i bought the ecotools set and it's one of the best purchases i've ever made! it's so soft, it works fantastically well and it's great for the environment. i know they make a more professional line but those are just available to makeup artists. i hope they make a wider selection available for us regular consumers, though; because these really are fantastic quality.


  5. This looks really good - but I have too many makeup brushes, fave at the moment is ELF studio powder brush, but you have to get the studio powder brush and not the ordinary one, it made me realise how flawless a good brush can make your skin look

  6. I am a makeup artist and I love these brushes, my current fave is the retractable kabuki;it's fantastically soft, never sheds bristles and really does the job. I use it for applying bronzer. Love the eco aspect too...

  7. I've heard good things about these - didn't realise they were so cheap! x


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