Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Review: The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture & Radiance Conditioner

It's been ages since I ventured into the Body Shop, but having heard that their new conditioners were silicone free, I thought I'd pop along and have a look.  The new line, Rainforest Haircare, is currently on offer; you can buy one, get one half price, and with 400ml of conditioner going for a very reasonable £6, you can get a pretty good amount of conditioner for a relatively small amount.

I chose to purchase Rainforest Moisture and Rainforest Radiance conditioners;  the Moisture variety is aimed at dry, damaged hair, and the Radiance at coloured hair.  My hair is all three, and I've not really noticed any difference between the two varieties in terms of their effects on my hair.

The conditioners are thick, buttery affairs, and the bottle recommends that you mix them with a bit of water for best effect.  I tend to do that anyway when I'm using a conditioner for washing my hair, and have found that while diluting the conditioners a bit does help them to saturate the hair more easily, these are still missing a bit of slip.  If your hair is dry or thick (or both), you'll most likely find that you have to put a fair bit of work in to detangle your hair with this stuff.  Applied to mid lengths and ends, it does leave the hair feeling rather light and soft - but don't be expecting anything wildly spectacular.

For me, any silicone free conditioner is going to be tested out with a co-wash.  The basic procedure is to distribute the conditioner through my roots, add a bit of water, and massage well - most silicone free conditioners froth up a little bit, and this definitely does.  On rinsing out, though, it leaves my roots feeling slightly waxy and not particularly clean - to the extent that on the times I've used it for a co-wash, I've had to re-wash with something else.

As a basic every day conditioner for the mid lengths and ends, this is a fairly good product, but it certainly isn't setting the world on fire.  As a silicone free co-wash conditioner, it definitely doesn't cut it, although to be fair it never really claimed to!  All in all, not awful, but nothing special - I've tried better, and won't be repurchasing.

If you'd like to try the Rainforest Haircare conditioners for yourself, you can get the Moisture and Radiance varieties online, or in-store, where they cost £6 for 400ml, or £9 for two.  Have you tried these?  What do you think?


  1. I felt similarly about these - I took the Moisture ones on holiday and I bought the Shine version when I was at a Body Shop party... Shine is a little better than Moisture, but neither leave my hair that shiney, soft or smooth :(

  2. It's a shame, as I was really hoping that these would be a good easy to find, well priced option. I've heard a lot of people saying that they're not as good as the honey products that they are intended to replace too!

  3. I was very disappointed with the radiance. Took me back to my childhood when there was no conditioner and had to spend ages getting the tangles out. It was as if I hadn't used a conditioner at all, my hair felt as if I hadn't even washed it. Wont be buying it again.


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