Thursday, 26 August 2010

Review: Beauty Kitchen Body Scrub

Disclosure: Product sent as a PR sample.

If you read Sarah's post last week about Beauty Kitchen, you'll know that the company, based in Scotland, create natural, simple products which can be customised - from the scent, to the base of the body scrub, even down to the label.

This week I've been trying out their Body Scrub.  I received one of the off the shelf varieties, charmingly named Orange Peel Skin Body Scrub.  Made with a base of Epsom salt, with bitter orange for extra scrubbiness, and Wake Me essential oils, it's a very zingy, very scrubby affair.  The scent is a mix of bright, zesty citrus notes, with what smells like a tempering hint of black pepper.  It's lovely - very invigorating, and quite likely to wake you up if used in the morning.

As for it's scrubbing abilities, let me tell you that Epsom salts are very scrubby indeed - and sting like a bastard if you happen to have an open cut on your finger when you scoop a gob out of the jar.  So be warned.  Once applied to the skin, you'll find that the product is basically a mix of salts and oil - and it's pretty heavy on the salt, so unless you massage it into damp skin pretty sharpish, chunks of salt will fall off and be wasted.

It's a very effective scrub - because of the size of the particles used, you don't need to apply very much pressure to slough off dead skin.  I was left with skin that was significantly smoother than before, and my dry bits looked less flaky.  Be aware, though, that as this is an oil based product, you will be left with a residue on the skin post-scrub - which makes it less useful in the morning, if you have limited time at your disposal.

If you'd like to try a Beauty Kitchen product, take a look at the website, where you can customise to your heart's content, or pick up an off-the-shelf product like this.  Body scrubs cost £8.95, which is reasonable given the amount in the jar.  I'll definitely be bookmarking the site for customised, all natural gifts in the future!


  1. actually I am a bit scared of fierce scrubs! prefer something a little more finely grained, and somehow feel that chunky scrubs are something I could whistle up myself with some sea salt, olive oil and lemon peels. if I could remember where the kitchen is...

  2. Yeah, I expect this is something that could be easily reproduced at home if you had the ingredients and the inclination. Far too lazy myself though!

  3. I recently bought this scrub from the website. I ordered it with fine sea salt instead of Epsom salt, just for a smoother feeling. Epsom salts are generally amazing for the body and are fantastic healers, next time i will go for epsom salts.
    After trying beauty kitchen products the fragrances are far to unique and scrummy to make in your own kitchen so i'll leave the good work to them!


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