Tuesday, 10 August 2010

NOTD - yellow and green gradient

Here's another gradient manicure, this time using green and yellow colours.

Polishes used; Barry M Spring Green (290), Barry M Acid Yellow (300), Barielle Lemondrops. I found that even with a basecoat I ended up with yellow stained nails after wearing this for a few days, so be careful if you try this colourway.

See my original Gradient Nails post here, and gradient tutorial by Do Not Refreeze here.


  1. This is awesome! I want to try this technique! x

  2. Apparently Spring Green is one of the worst polishes for staining nails :/ I think you must be at least the fifth person I read has had this problem. Argh.

  3. great job!

    i've been seeing a lot of gradient notd's and i'm really keen on trying it out myself.

    also, i love the green you chose!


  4. I like this, in the 2nd photo it looks like a cross between a gradient and marbling :)


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