Monday, 23 August 2010

New Gorilla Perfumes at Lush - first impressions

Disclosure - PR sample

We've posted a couple of times about the new Gorilla Perfume scents releasing at Lush, and the happy day has now arrived - the whole (banana) bunch is available online and in store.

We were scent a handful of tester vials to try out, and as a result, I'm currently sitting here covered in perfume. I've got a little patch of each scent in various places on my arms and wrists, and I'm sniffing each one in turn trying to decide which ones I like best.

As I excepted from the description, The Smell of Weather Turning is a real hit with me. It combines the minty freshness of "Dirty" with the Swarfega-tastic scent of "Grass", and dries down to an earthy and very natural smell, not too sweet, and easy to wear.

The Smell of Freedom is another of the brand new titles I was excited about trying, as it's designed as a "tryptich" fragrance with three different characters represented in the notes. Sadly, on me its lemony top note never really dissipates and I end up with a soapy, one-dimensional smell.

I like Lust more than I thought I would - it's a bright, honeyed floral that reminds me strongly of Lush's Flying Fox shower gel. While its main note is jasmine, it's been given a bit of extra volume and dynamism and is far more saucy and sensual than the floral posy I was expecting. It's maybe a bit too syrupy and indolic for some, but it has a sweet cheerfulness that I'm warming to as I wear it.

Another floral that's been turbo-charged is Imogen Rose - unlike many rose scents it's no powdery Turkish Delight confection, instead it's earthy, incense-driven and on me it errs on the side of downright dirty. I don't think it's for me, but I can imagine it being a powerful and beguiling weapon in the right hands.

Of the new releases, Smell of Weather and Lust would be my picks, but don't forget this is also a chance to revisit the wonderful scent wardrobe created for B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful - favourites like B Scent, Cocktail and Ladyboy have all been resurrected for the Gorilla line. I'm happiest of all to be reunited with Dirty - I know it's a scent for men but I can't get enough of its minty freshness.

All of the Gorilla perfumes can be purchased in several sizes, including the 2ml sample vials shown above which are a snip at around £3 each. If you're curious but don't want to splash out on a full bottle straight away, these are a brilliant way to road test.

Have you tried any of the new Gorilla scents at Lush? What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for describing the scents!! Your post just made me want to smell my laptop hahaha... for any trace of scent oozing out of your blog~ hehehehehe...


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