Friday, 27 August 2010

New Benefit-dupe blusher boxes from Me Me Me at Superdrug

Disclosure - PR sample

It's not difficult to identify the inspiration for Me Me Me's newest cheek product. The "Blush Me" box format is very similar to the likes of Benefit Hoola, Coralista, Dandelion etc. A square pan of powder with an integral square-handled brush sitting on top, housed in a cardboard case. This is probably not the only dupe of its kind, but it stands out as a very good budget alternative to Benefit's popular square powder boxes.

The Blush Me box a great example of the way drugstore brands have caught up with high end labels when it comes to design and brand identity. The attention to detail with this product is really very impressive - from the little cupid on the side of the box to the high quality mirror set into the lid, this is a product that seems to have been created with real TLC.

The shade I was sent is Coral, which does pretty much what it says on the tin - it's a warm
summery colour with a bit of shimmer. The shade isn't subtle or unusual, but it applies fairly translucent and can be built up controllably. There's also a Pink version (which I will be purchasing when I see it).

The only area in which the Blush Me box belies its bargainous roots is the brush. Its taklon bristles are soft and skin-friendly, but sadly they're way too sparse and bend all over the place when used. The first time I put this on I actually snagged the lower corner of the handle against my cheek because the bristles were so bendy. You can see here how loosely packed the bristles are - they can be pulled away from the side of the handle very easily. For the sake of portability, this brush will do for touch ups, but to get the best out of the product, I recommend applying it with a separate powder brush.

That minor complaint aside, the Blush Me box is a great high street pick-up. Me Me Me is sold at Superdrug, and can also be bought online at The Blush Me boxes are not yet released, and I don't yet have price details for them. However judging by the rest of the range I doubt they will cost more than £7-£8 each.


  1. I'll definitely check these out. I love the Me Me Me copies I've tried so far. Their Poppy Tint is a very good dupe of Posie Tint and although their Beat The Blues highlighters aren't quite as fab as Highbeam and Moonbeam, they're only £5 each arther than Beefit's £17.50 each. A friend swears by their Benetint copy as well. I can't imagine Benefit are thrilled about the blatant copying though!

  2. Wow, it does look very like Benefit packaging - I think MeMeMe have found their niche! It looks lovely on :)

  3. I always wonder how Benefit feel when they see this brand, because it only seems to blatantly copy them. But regardless, this is cute and looks quite pretty on the skin. Love that it has a mirror too :3

  4. I really need to try their Poppy Tint, love their Benefit copies!


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