Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Naked Bodycare's Rose face wash and White Ginger shower gel

Disclosure - PR sample

I've lost count of the number of times I've recommended Naked products to friends. Want to cut out SLS? Try Naked! Want to lose the silicones? Naked's your brand! Wary of mineral oil? Naked fits the bill! Parabens got you nervous? Naked's the answer! Want an affordable, ethical, cruelty-free range that works? Give Naked a go!

Basically for all those reasons, Naked's formulas are a welcome addition to the high street. But did I also mention that they work well, smell great and are nice and cheap? Well, they are. (So there.)

I've amassed a decent collection of Naked shower gels and hair products already, but I wasn't aware until we were contacted by their PR that Naked also do face products. I gladly accepted the chance to try the Naked Rose Softening Face Wash (£3.99), as well as the warming White Ginger shower gel (also £3.99), which I figured would be good for a bit of extra glow during the coming autumn months.

Both are up to the usual Naked standard - fresh, clear foaming formulas that despite the lack of SLS are thorough at cleansing. Perhaps due to that same lack of SLS, they're gentle on the skin and leave it softer and smoother than most drugstore-priced products. Both are also beautifully fragranced - the White Ginger gives my (much pricier) Origins Ginger body wash a run for its money in the scent stakes.

The Rose face wash was the real stand-out for me however, leaving facial skin soft, clean and bright, without the drying effects common to many SLS-bearing cleansers available at this price point. I'd happily rely on this as a sole cleanser, as it also does a good job of removing makeup. I'm dallying with both oil and hot cloth cleansers at the moment, but I also like to keep a foaming cleanser in the shower for days when I don't want to faff about with a separate cleansing session. The Naked Rose face wash is a perfect candidate for this particular task, and will be repurchased quicksmart when it runs out.

I know this post sounds overly gushy and positive, and maybe you're wondering if our impartial blogger hats have slipped a bit, but the truth is that these are well performing, low priced and beautifully scented products that really do deserve praise. I've told my friends, I'm telling you - I really really recommend this stuff.

Naked products are available at selected Boots stores, at Boots online and directly from Naked's newly revamped website, where you can currently get the White Ginger shower gel free with any purchase. Offer ends today, so act now to avoid disappointment.


  1. Sads! Is out of stock, the face washes. :( Sounds intriguing.

  2. Good to know that it's a great product at that very reasonable price! I'll look out for them! x


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