Thursday, 19 August 2010

Makeovers by The Powder Room, Carnaby St

Disclosure - services provided free for review

A couple of weeks back, Gemma and I headed over to The Powder Room, a retro beauty parlour tucked away in London's Carnaby Street area. The Powder Room is run by the Powder Puff Girls, a crack team of manicurists and beauticians who also bring retro chic to London's ladies at various events and on-site sessions. The Carnaby location is a "pop up shop" (we keep hearing that phrase - we think it means that they're temporary). Despite this, it's lavishly decorated and deeply atmospheric.

Our mission was to try out two of their £15, 15 minute mini makeovers. Gemma opted for the Speedy Hairdo, and I road tested In a Jiffy makeup.

Inside the shop, attention to detail is everything, and we found all aspects of the experience to be well thought out and beautifully presented - from the pink party ring biscuit provided with my cup of tea ( served pink floral cup and saucer, obv) to the pink sticker on the lid of the MAC Fluidline that was used to give my eyes a flirty 50's flick. The pink-handled makeup brushes were carefully sanitised between uses (of course) and Gemma's stylist went the extra mile to get her bouffant just right, even though it overran the allocated 15 minutes for the service.

The Powder Room use Paul and Joe cosmetics, and I was offered a choice of shades for my multi-colour eye look. Above is a page from the "look menu" that we were given to help us choose how we wanted our makeovers to turn out.

Here's a "before" picture - I'm makeup-free and Gemma's hair is unstyled.

Here's the finished results

Look at that handiwork!

If you're into the retro glamour iconography thing (think Benefit, Bettie Paige, pin up stars), this place will be right up your street. It's also a fun way to perk up your look before a night out, or to give your appearance a bit of "oompf" for a special occasion, whatever your personal style. The staff are great at listening and tailoring their services to their customers.

At £15, the services we tried were extremely good value for money.

Visit the Powder Puff Girls at to find out more about their services and locations. You can also shop online for their favoured products (which are used in the makeovers), including Paul and Joe, Mavala and Dianne Brill.


  1. Wow £15 for a proper updo?? Barg! I need to remember this place next time I fancy my hair being pinned up.

  2. Gorgeous makeovers girlies! I want one! xxx

  3. Wow, this is great! I don't think i'd ever pay to get my makeup done but the quick hairdo would be great before a night out, the bouffant is amazing!


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