Friday, 6 August 2010

How Big Is Your Regime?

I once read a blog post by a lady who stated that her evening skincare regime took a good half hour to run through, and involved a staggering 25 products.  Just for the evening.  Whole different set for the day.  My thoughts returned to this recently, which had lodged in my brain as an example of excessive product usage, as my skincare regime now includes more product than I've ever used before.

I used to struggle to remove my makeup, cleanse, moisturise my skin, and use an eye cream every evening.  Now, I use several different products in the evening, a few in the morning, and a few more on a weekly basis. Nowhere near 25, naturally, but still.  The picture above is supposed to be of everything I use during a week, but I forgot to include my lip balm and my SPF.  Clearly this is a sign that I use too many things.

Foaming cleanser (Biotherm, soon to be reviewed)
Day cream (Biotherm, soon to be reviewed)
Sunscreen (Boots No. 7, soon to be reviewed)
Eye cream (Hylexin, soon to be reviewed)
Lip Balm (Kiehl's Lip Balm #1)

Oil cleanser (Muji Cleansing Oil)
Foaming cleanser (same Biotherm as in the morning)
Night cream (Biotherm, soon to be reviewed)
Eye cream (Hylexin, soon to be reviewed)
Facial Oil (Clarins Blue Orchid, or Aromatherapy Associates Rose)
Hand treatment (Elemis Moisture Melt - heals bitten cuticles and my recent wedding ring rash!)

Weekly / Twice Weekly
Exfoliator (Soap and Glory Greatest Scrub of All)
Super exfoliator / peel (Philosophy Microdelivery Peel)
Mask (Elemis Fruit Active mask)

How many products do you use?  How many is really too many?  Is it possible to find one or two multitaskers and use them exclusively?  Let us know your thoughts!


  1. i don't think you have anything to worry about since some of your products are for lips/hands. if you were using that many products on your face alone, i'd be concerned. :p

    as for me, i've gone back to a simpler routine after my face suffered a bit of a meltdown (became very dry and sensitive). at night: i remove makeup with boots cleansing milk, re-cleanse with aveeno moisturizing bar, tone with lush tea tree water or breath of fresh air (depending on how my skin's behaving at the time), then moisturize with korres wild rose moisturizer.

    morning's pretty simple too: cleanse with the body shop cucumber cleansing milk (used with their buffer as well), tone again, moisturize with daywear plus creme, then apply neutrogena water light sunscreen.

    since i lightly buff every morning, i don't exfoliate every week. i've been using this same routine for almost 2 months now and my skin, aside from a few blemishes, is pretty healthy. so i don't do masks or anything as i'm concerned with triggering another meltdown :p


    (p.s. sorry for the novel of a comment :p)

  2. I use a lot less than you do but this is not a good thing, I need to sort my skin care regime out. At the moment I just cleanse, tone and moisturise every day (and an eye cream) and exfoliate twice a week.

    Makes me feel a of a letdown really!

  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome breakdown of your cleansing regime! We always love hearing from you as you share your Clarisonic experience :) We just posted a simliar article on the Sonic Chatter blog - if you have a second share your regimen in the comments section too! Thanks again and happy cleansing!

  4. Morning: Foaming face wash

    Evening: Cleansing and toning wipe (courtesy of Boots)

    Iunno. My whole family just has pretty amazing skin - no breakouts, no wrinkles, not particularly oily or dry.

    I exfoliate when I sunburn, so as to avoid the peeling-face. Eurgh.

  5. I really dont use much, but i think i need to start using more products and looking after my skin better xx


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