Monday, 2 August 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polishes on Sale

Just a quick note to spread the word that Flashy Nails, who supply Diamond Cosmetics polishes and various Konad stuff, are closing down - prompting a sale in their remaining stock.  If you've ever wanted to try Diamond Cosmetics polishes, this is a good time to snap up a few shades at a good price - £1.50 for single shades, or packs of 6 polishes at £7.  Bargain.

I've snapped up six dark shades for just £7, which includes a matte shade - not something I'm usually keen on, but I'll give it a go!  Postage was a reasonable £3 - a tenner for six polishes is pretty good in my book!


  1. Done and done!!
    3 mattes, one violent red and an electric blue. Sweeeeeeeeeet!!

  2. Violent red eh?! Fabulous :D

  3. Oh thanks for this heads up.....adding to my cart right now :-) xxx

  4. @Gemma, it is amazingly bright. I think I will feel violent wearing it.


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