Sunday, 15 August 2010

Beauty Kitchen cooks up some handmade treats

Disclosure - PR sample

We like lo-fi beauty solutions - Gemma's oat baths and home made aspirin masks are cheap and effective. We like knowing exactly what goes into home beauty recipes too, and that we can tweak the formulas to work for our skin type or the kind of day we've had.

Beauty Kitchen is a company who take the lo-fi home-made approach to a wider market. Based in Glasgow, the company is headed up by Lacy MacFarlane, who at just 23 has driven the business from grass roots up. Customers can order their own bespoke products which are freshly prepared in the Beauty Kitchen itself and sent out in upcycled/recycled packaging. You can select the base ingredients, the scent (from a selection of pre-mixed essential oil blends), the colour and design of the label and even what name you want printed on the front. Kind of a nice idea for personalised gifts.

I tried out one of the Bath Oils (£5.95 for 100ml) made with Spoil Me essential oil, one of the scent options. Its description on the website; "An indulging and soothing blend of natures sensuous smells. Ingredients: Cedarwood viginian, benzoin resiniod, petitgrain, aniseed, fir needle, bay, mandarin, coriander, orange sweet." The oil came in what I think might once have been a tabasco sauce bottle.

The hot water has been pretty useless at our place recently, but I managed (by dint of turning the heating on full whack) to get a hot bath on the go to test this out. I found the instruction to "pour generously" is not to be taken too literally - I glopped a good bit into the bath and ended up with a bit of an oil-slick on my skin. Unlike some of the very pricey bath oils we've tried, the Beauty Kitchen version doesn't dissipate evenly over the surface of the water, and doesn't emulsify. So you need to swish it around thoroughly and use it in moderation to get a good effect. The scent is quite a 'foody' herbal rather than an aromatherapy kind of smell. It reminds me of the smell I used to get when I opened my mum's kitchen spice drawer as a kid. It's nice, but somewhat unexpected. I would definitely pick this up as a comforting bath product for a cold winter night.

I think I'll be trying more from this range. I'm charmed by the idea of customising products, and I'd love to try out some of the other scent options and product types. I love that you can buy the scrub, for example, with three different bases - sugar, epsom salts or sea salt.

Browse the Beauty Kitchen range, read about the company and make your own products at


  1. This sounds interesting. Thanks for the review! I will look into it.

  2. I love the idea of being able to customise everything down to the labels, thanks for sharing :)


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