Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Beautiful But Pointless Makeup

Paul and Joe's latest collection, Clair de Lune, includes these very pretty lipsticks; the level of detail in the cat shape is rather amazing and certainly very cute.  But.... what's the point of it?  If you buy a lipstick shaped like a cat, are you really going to ruin the intricacy of the design by actually applying it to your lips?

This product is the latest in a long line of absolutely beautiful but terribly pointless makeup.  Guerlain and Chantecaille are particularly good at gorgeously detailed products you'd be unlikely to dip your brushes into.

Guerlain's Paradis Exotique eyeshadow palette features four shadows embossed with a leaf pattern, in an engraved metallic case.  While it's admittedly lovely, I can't imagine messing up those beautiful leaves by actually using the shadows.  Similarly, Chantecaille's Le Dauphins face palette contains four powder colours with inlaid leaping dolphins and waves.

I personally couldn't contemplate spending money on makeup that's there to be looked at, not used.  That said, though, plenty of people collect items that are for display only: dolls, beanie babies, figurines - so what's wrong with applying the same to makeup?

Chantecaille Les Dauphins palette, around £50, at Nordstrom
Guerlain Ombre Eclat Paradis Exotique, £34,
Paul & Joe lipstick, £16, Harrods Knightsbridge and Fenwick New Bond Street

What do you think?  Would you purchase a product just to add it to your collection, never to be used?


  1. wow, i JUST blogged about a similar topic!

    i probably would end up staring at these products for a while before cracking and taking a swipe. i don't believe in not using makeup so... i'll just take a chock load of photos before i "ruin" it :p


  2. I know someone who has an almost complete collection of those Chantecaille palettes, never used. They are so pretty, but I believe makeup is there to be used, hence my collection of knackered, battered, but well-loved Chanel limited editions.

  3. Make up products are made to be used!We could buy home decoratives that look like these but with less money when the coloring effect they give is similar or the same with a simple lipstick or eyeshadow etc...

  4. Hmm - tempting to buy certain things for decorative value, but if I had those items in the house it would be even more tempting to use them...

  5. Those cat lipsticks - they look lovely, but i agree - completely pointless ! xx

  6. With maybe the exception of that kitten lipstick that looks very unpractical, I do use my makeup even if it's pretty. My Marine Life lost its overspray on day 1 and frankly I don't care :)

  7. Totally agree, I would only buy that lipstick just to stare at it. Actually, I would probably buy two - one to stare at and one to use and then mourn when it loses all it's pretty details.

    I personally don't care for Guerlain or Chantecaille, so I would probably mash my brush in there on purpose as a 'fuck you' haha >;D

  8. I wouldn't buy the cat lipstick because I'm not into cats and I think its a little freaky looking :P As for other pretty palettes, I'd admire them, take my pictures and then dig right in because makeup looks best when its on your skin not in the palette (so I believe) :)


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