Saturday, 28 August 2010

Autumn collection from Le Metier de Beaute

Here are some pieces from the new autumn collection from Le Metier de Beaute. The collection theme is Le Cirque de la Belle Époque. The inspiration is the eclectic combinations of performance artists that would be assembled in a Parisian circus during the Belle Epoque period in French history. The collection reflects this with unusual combinations of shades and textures. Nineteenth century circus performers? Works for us!

 Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in "La Belle" (£20) is described as "A  rich  chocolate  infused  with  exotic  violet  plum  undertones." Could that work? Will we try it to find out? Probably, and, probably.

For nails; a new batch of teeny tiny bottles described thusly:  "Noble  Passion  (a  blushing  nude), Dynamique (deep gothic red), High Wire (a mysterious platinum) and Magic at Dusk (the perfect sophisticated blue)" They're £10 each for 4ml.

The lip Kaleidoscope, Les Artistes (£55) is quite pale and interesting this time around. Le Metier's descriptions:
"Illusionists  (a  universally flattering  nude),  Acrobates  (a  sheer  bronze),  Magiciens  (a
shimmering rose) and Danseurs (a gold-flecked red)."
Finally, this season's Kaleidoscope for Eyes, La Cirque (£55). It's especially want-able, with a mix of jewel shades and neutrals that would suit us green-eyed people down to the ground. Here are the shade names and descriptions: "Flamboyantes  (shimmering stone), Spectacle (mauve-tinted grey), Enrichissant (midnight ruby), Dynamique (a deep sapphire)"

Welcome to my wishlist, La Cirque.

This cache of heart-breakingly lovely, bank breakingly expensive items is available in Liberty and via from September.

What do you think? Could any of these push your wallet over the edge of reason?


  1. I'm so glad you've said these will be on the Liberty web site, there goes my money for September :)
    I really like everything I've bought from the brand and tbh I would have more of it if they had a larger range online. Thanks for the post.

  2. La Cirque is beautiful, I want it. I want so much though (Guerlain, you are killing me!) from the Autumn collection getting this is merely a dream. I love the kaleidoscopes and had a play when I went shopping with Get Lippie. I love the layering idea with these.

    Like Replica says, it's good to know it will be on the website. I can point it out to the Other half in the hope that might realise this would be an ideal Christmas present!
    Jane x


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