Monday, 9 August 2010

7 Lush Fragrances for £7? Yes please!

Lush's Gorilla Perfumers have created this little sampler set, including several of their brand new scents, and it's exclusively available online at

We've already had an enjoyable introduction to Tuca Tuca, and Dirty is an old favourite of mine from B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful. (It's meant for guys, and it smells like spearmint.) Karma and Vanillary are pre-existing Lush scents. I'm really not a fan of Karma - it absolutely reeks of patchouli, like a particularly overpowering headshop. Orange Blossom, Imogen Rose, Lust and The Smell of Freedom are brand new Gorilla creations, and they're the ones I'd really like to get my paws on from this sampler.

Imogen Rose is named after perfumer Simon Constantine's daughter. It's described as "an exquisite rose perfume with dry vetivert notes and a powdery amber accord."

Orange Blossom is apparently "a fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment."

The Smell of Freedom sounds a bit like poor old discontinued "Tramp" shower gel: "Opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin.

Lust appeals least to me - "carnal and sexy jasmine with an indolic character, floral notes and a soft, woody base." Jasmine to me = sickly floral. But I am open to persuasion.

The perfume I'm really interested in from Gorilla is The Scent of Weather - check out this description (from Gorilla's website): "The perfume that captures a thunderstorm in reverse, with a fresh scent of rain on grass that develops a dark, smoky character and back into a smell of sweet hay." I don't think that one has been released yet, but I'll make sure to review it when I track it down.

The Lush 7-piece Gorilla Perfume sampler set, containing 7x2ml vials of Lust, The Smell of Freedom, Orange Blossom, Imogen Rose, Dirty, Vanillary and Karma is £7 from Lush online.


  1. I have my eyes on this set x

  2. I don't like the sound of any of them :( The orange blossom one sounds lovely but then one of it's smaller notes is sandalwood which i absolutely hate! Lust sounds the most appealing to me, i might try that one and orange blossom to see if i can detect the sandalwood at all (a dealbreaker)


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