Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yet More Illamasqua Deals

Illamasqua are now stocked by BeautyBay.com, one of our favourite online beauty stores.  As a special opening offer, they are offering a free nail varnish in Boosh with any two Illamasqua purchases.

With the current slew of money off deals from the brand, and their move into online beauty emporia (unusual for a high end boutique brand), I'm wondering what the future holds for them.  Either they're on a major expansion kick, looking to get their products into as many makeup bags as possible... or their sales figures are looking a little weak and the company is trying to drive them up.  I'm hoping it's the former; despite thinking that the products are a little overpriced, I like Illamasqua as a company and think it's great to have a unique British brand with such a strong identity in the market.


  1. Hi LBR girls

    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the mention. We're really excited about partnering with Illamasqua - it really is all about taking such a unique brand to a wider audience (Plus, I'm personally a huge fan of the nail polishes)!

    That we've put a freebie on the site at the same time as the Illamasqua's own offers is purely co-incidental.

    The good news is Illamasqua is going from strength to strength (which is why we wanted on board) - we've took over 250 lines which shows we're confident in the brand.

    You know we love feedback on our brands (old,new and condsidering), so please do keep us up to date on your thoughts!



  2. I've not tried Illamasqua yet, but having read lots about the brand, this is a very tempting offer! xx

  3. I love Illamasqua so much but i have to agree they're a bit overpriced so i've really appreciated the sales recently. It's great they've made it onto beautybay! I'm quite glad they're giving away Boosh because i don't really want it and if it was a colour i really liked i would totally be spending money i dont have :P


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