Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuca Tuca - new fragrance from Gorilla Perfumes at Lush

Disclosure - PR sample

I am so happy. Mark and Simon Constantine, the Lush perfumers who created B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful's family of unusual and lovely fragrances, are bringing their scents back to the public. This time around, they're going under the slightly less "pretty pretty" trading name of Gorilla Perfume. 

Gorilla will use existing Lush stores as its outlet, and it looks like there will also be an online shop at the Gorilla website.
According to this report from Basenotes, they'll be bringing back many of the B Never-era scents in the coming months, and I'm hoping that my favourite "Dirty" will be included in that selection.

For now though, they've released a brand new concoction to whet our olfactory appetites. Tuca Tuca is out now, and has been available in branches of Lush since the end of June.

It's a typically Constantine creation - very distinctive, playful, unusual and immediate. The notes are listed as violet, cassie absolute, vanilla, ylang ylang, violet leaf and vetivert. Typically, I got something totally different - jasmine, honey, mint, cedar and musk. While the man of the house here described it as "burning rubber, latex, but somehow kind of nice". Baffling.

The ideology for the scent, according to the press release;

"It’s that fun and flirtatious girl inside us all - she’s mischievous with a naughty sense of humour and an infectious giggle. She likes to dance like no-one’s watching and run through park sprinklers with abandonment, just because she can. She’s whimsical, carefree and when the sun shines just right she can go from being sweet to sensual with the bat of an eyelash.  Tuca Tuca is the epitome of how fast your heart races when your eyes meet the boy you’ve got a crush on!"

Man, she sounds annoying. But Tuca Tuca (named after the song by Raffaella Carra) really isn't. It's a big, blowsy, bright summer scent with a quirky, rebellious heart. I have been wearing it around the house this week - it's a little flamboyant for work - and very much enjoying it.

Tuca Tuca comes in 9g (£11) and 27g (£23) sizes, and is also available as a massage bar (£5).

Lush will be releasing a cover version of "Tuca Tuca", sung by Mira Manga, and will be organising some flashmobs with Tuca Tuca dancing in coming weeks. The single will be available on iTunes from Monday 12th July, and there is a free download with each 27g bottle of the fragrance.


  1. Loads of people think that Tuca Tuca smells of burnt stuff. Not me though!

    Dirty is definitely coming back :)

  2. I'm not surprised the perfumes are coming back, they must have been best sellers considering how fast they were gone from shops and online after B announced it was closing! I'm intrigued by this and will have to visit Lush to give it a sniff.

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  4. I belive that "Dirty" is coming back as "Dirty Manspray" in a tin-wrapped bottle! Dodgy new name but hopefully same great scent!


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