Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Review: Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Bath and Shower Gel

You might have spotted Treacle Moon products at Tesco, where their simply packaged, sweetly scented products are exclusively stocked.  Treacle Moon has been created by the team behind the Sanctuary and Normandie bath and body brands, which are both made up of low to mid range products which pack a punch.

The range is made up of a variety of bath and body products with a selection of scents, all of which are simple but effective, centred around one particular element such as vanilla, coconut, or raspberry.  I chose to purchase the bath and shower gel from the One Ginger Morning set, mostly because I was looking for something that would fall into the invigorating bracket.

As a bath foam, it's pretty nice - while it doesn't create a mountain of bubbles, there are certainly enough to luxuriate in.  The scent is slightly dampened in the bath, and dissipates within a few minutes, which is a shame.  The bubbles last no longer than half an hour, which sadly isn't long enough for me.  As a shower gel, though, the scent really takes centre stage - richly, intensely ginger, it's refreshing, invigorating, and will definitely wake you up of a sleepy morning.  Used with a puff or sponge, it lathers up well, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh, but not stripped of moisture or squeaky and over clean.

For a generously sized 500ml bottle, you'll pay a mere £2.95, which is a bargain indeed.  If you like a good invigorating or awakening shower, but find excessively lemon or mint based scents too much in the morning, this makes a great alternative.  Get it direct from Treacle Moon, or from Tesco, online or in store.


  1. I tend to just ignore these Philosophy copycat products because of the rip off packaging. It may be a great product, but ripping off someone else's branding makes me inclined to think that the stuff inside is also a cheap imitation. Surprised to see the Sanctuary and Normandie names attached to this. Get your own ideas!

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