Sunday, 11 July 2010

Review - Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen

Disclosure - PR sample

A reliable eyeliner is one of life's true comforts. Call me shallow, but I stand by that statement. Knowing that there's something that will make you look and feel good and won't smudge, run or otherwise let you down is important. I'll be honest - I wouldn't expect to find such a product within a range where most things cost a fiver. But this felt-tip liner from Eyeko has thoroughly surprised and pleased me.

It's a fairly standard felt tip liner in appearance - a round barrel about the size and shape of a standard pen, with a snap-on lid and a tapered, flexible fibre tip with a fine point.

The silver barrel is decorated with text and simple graphics. I really liked the way the text had been written specially for the purple shade, and wasn't just a generic description across all the liners in the range (there are four - brown, purple, navy and black).

It applies very smoothly and is liquid without being watery or running into the creases of the lid. A couple of strokes gives a bright, even line. And look at these amazingly intact cateye wings after 14 hours of wear!

You might feel less impressed when I tell you that I applied it over UDPP - that generally improves performance of any eye product dramatically and can turn a dud eyeshadow into a gem. But today was such a swelteringly hot and muggy day that I actually creased my way through that layer of UDPP, while the Graffiti liner held firm. See:

Nice work Eyeko! We are impressed.

You can pick this up for just £5 from Eyeko


  1. Very impressive! Eyeko seem to have brought out a lot of lovely new products.

  2. Cheap felt liners are normally monumentally bad on a cataclysmic level!!! I was suprised now good these were as well! My usual liner costs over £10 so I'll definately get more of these and save myself a bit of money!! :)


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