Friday, 16 July 2010

Review: Armani Face Fabric Foundation

Giorgio Armani Beauty make some incredible makeup products, and I've tried a fair few of them, but for me the brand excels at base products.  Their Luminous Silk foundation is a bit of a high end hero for many, and their newest foundation, Face Fabric, has quickly earned a reputation.  Which meant I had to buy it, in the name of research and all that.

Face Fabric is a foundation with an ultra natural finish, described as "invisible makeup".  It doesn't try to go for a matte finish - being that skin isn't generally naturally matte anyway - but works to "enhance the natural glow of the skin".

Read on below the cut to see how I got on.

The texture is incredibly silky, smooth and velvety, due to a very silicone heavy formula.  At the same time, it's also very light - a small dab of product is all you need to cover the whole face, as the silicone ensures that the product spreads very easily.  It works best when applied with the fingers; as it's smoothed over the skin, the silky feeling gradually dissipates, leaving a layer of ultra fine, almost powdery foundation.  I'd say that this product feels like a mixture of a perfecting primer - think Smashbox for the texture - with a soft, illuminating powder.

The finish is indeed very natural, and the skin is left looking glowy but not shiny.  I personally run away screaming from anything that promises a glowy finish, as it usually translates into looking oily for me - but this foundation gives that very subtle glow which just makes me look healthy, not oily.  Coverage is, unsurprisingly, very light, and although it is buildable to some extent I think this base is really more of a perfecting product for good skin days.

On the left, I'm wearing no foundation - just a gormless morning face.  On the right, I've applied a small amount of Face Fabric with my fingertips.  The result is smoothed, more even skin, which to my eye still looks very natural.  Set with a little transparent powder, it lasts the whole day without getting shiny, although being silicone based it does melt off a little in very hot weather.

Now - this is an expensive, high end product.  It costs £29 for 40ml, which is rather a lot of money for a foundation.  This is, however, a price that I'll be more than willing to pay again - for the beautiful texture, the lovely natural finish, and the non-oily glow.  I like it so much that I took a friend to an Armani counter to be matched up with a view to using it for her wedding - the Armani SA was generous enough to provide a small sample so she could road test it before her big day.  So if you're a little hesitant about the price, it's worth asking for a colour match and a sample before you spend £29.

If you'd like to try it, you can buy it online at Selfridges or find a local counter through the Armani Beauty website.

Have you tried any Armani foundations?  What do you think?


  1. We love face fabric - both formulas are top of our base list. We adore it!

    Thanks for the great review.

  2. i've never tried any but i've always wanted to try the luminous silk foundation. face fabric sounds lovely though. what's the coverage like?


  3. Wow it looks great on you! I'd love to try their foundations but I doubt i'll ever justify the price to myself :/


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