Friday, 30 July 2010

Penhaligon's Perfumed London Black Cabs

The humble London taxi has become a fashionable part of brand marketing campaigns.  In July, Revlon sent a turquoise taxi around the city, inviting one and all to post photos of it on their Facebook page in exchange for a chance to try their latest mascara before anyone else.  

Now Penhaligon's is having a go too - five branded and scented taxis will be patrolling the city, with the drivers trained to offer advice on Penhaligon's fragrances.  During their journey, passengers will be entertained with the latest marketing campaign from the brand whilst enjoying air scented with five classic scents, and will receive a 10% off voucher when they reach their destination.  The cost of a trip is the same as any normal black cab; the benefits are the scented air, cabbies who can talk fragrance instead of football, and the discount voucher on the receipt.

Sounds like an interesting way to make a taxi journey more pleasant, if you're lucky enough to spot one.  Wonder who'll be embracing the black cab as a marketing tool next?


  1. That's so much fun! I hope they're still around in September when I get back to London! x

  2. It's an interesting idea of marketing. The cab is looking cool and unique. I love this post and like it a lot. Thanks
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