Tuesday, 27 July 2010

NOTD: OPI Past, Present and Fuschia

This is OPI's Past, Present and Fuschia, which is a deep, vibrant fuschia with a hot pink and blue flash.  I was quite scared of it in the bottle; it looked very loud, and I was a bit worried I end up with 80s nails.  On the nail, though, it's bright, but not excessively so, and very cheerful.

This polish has OPI's Pro Wide brush.  If you've not had the pleasure of using an OPI with this kind of brush - it's an extra wide brush with plenty of bristles, and with it, it's pretty easy to cover most of the nail in one stroke.  Love it.  If all polishes came with a brush like this, I'd be one happy lady.

Now, the photo above makes the polish look a bit more rose toned than it appears in daylight - it's been very hard to photograph.  The photo to the right is the closest I could get to how it looks in real life.

If you love this colour and want to grab it for yourself, you can find it in a set with two more subtle pinks at QVC, where three polishes will cost you £24.


  1. All the NOTDs on various beauty blogs are the reason I'm trying (not that succesfully) to grow my nails back out! As is, I end up painting half my finger as well as the nail, they're so short.

    Aside from my own personal nail-related woes, that really is a gorgeous shade

  2. Hi Ruth! Have you tried NailTek? I swear by it, it reconstructs even the most bendy and broken of nails:


  3. They're strong, I just chew the poor things >.> <.<

  4. Ah - in that case I have nothing to recommend! I managed to stop biting my nails by starting to bite my cuticles instead. I wouldn't recommend that as a strategy ;)

  5. This is a gorgeous colour! I love fuscias with blue flashes! :)


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