Sunday, 18 July 2010

New limited edition Eyeko polishes

Disclosure - PR sample

Here are two new limited edition polishes from Eyeko - Rain ("for city nails") and Saucy ("for naughty nails"). Each costs £3.50 for 8.5ml.

Rain is an absolute stunner. It's a shade that's midway between grey and blue. If I was feeling lyrical I'd say it was an accurate representation of the London sky, which is always somewhere between cloudy and blue, sometimes depending on your own outlook. There's a subtle shimmer to this polish, but the finish is still predominantly creme. It's a thin but opaque formula, and applies easily without much dragging. I found that two coats was plenty to achieve an even, thorough coverage. Love this.

Saucy I was less intrigued by when I first saw it - a red polish is a red polish, right? It has the same thin and opaque consistency as Rain and applies smoothly. No shimmer in this one, it's a straight creme with a glossy finish. Again, two coats was plenty to get even coverage. Once dried, I found that I really liked the shade as well - it's darker than your average red and definitely stands apart from the others in my collection.

As the pictures show, there is slight tip-wear on the red (after one day in this case). For £3.50 though, I'm not complaining.

Both polishes are available to buy online from Eyeko.

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  1. i love the rain polish! such a unique colour, i'll have to snatch one up. thanks for the info!



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