Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Illamasqua Makeup Amnesty

You're probably going to read a lot about this over the next few weeks, as it's a fantastic deal.  As of Saturday 17th July, Illamasqua is offering 25% off the price of an item for every item of unused, unwanted makeup you bring to the counter.  So if you bring two old bits of slap, you get 25% off any two new bits of slap, etc.  Lovely.

The old slap in question can be any brand, and in any condition - smashed, used up, or just generally unloved.  Sounds like a great deal to us!  Find the deal on between 17th - 31st July at Illamasqua's UK counters: Selfridges, London, Birmingham Bullring and Trafford Centre; Fenwick Newcastle; BT2 Grafton Street Dublin; and Debenhams Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff.

What will you be trading in?  I've got a few old and broken MAC longwear lipsticks I was planning to turn into new MAC lipsticks - but now might be turning them into Illamasqua blushers instead!

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  1. I heard about this deal the other day and I am so excited, planning on making a bit of a dent in my savings. Got some non-descript brow pencils and a load of eyeshadows from various brands with poor colour payoff so was going to trade them in for some matt eyeshadows (illamasqua are the BEST at these!) and try out an intense lip gloss or two. I love the cream blush too, but have soooo many already!


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