Monday, 5 July 2010

Hot Weather Heroes: Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

Disclosure:  This was a PR sample.

Ah, summer.  Hot weather.  Ice creams.  Pimms.  And for me, sweating, hay fever, and wanting to sit naked in front of an air conditioner all day.  Safe to say that I hate summer; I'm too pale, too plump, and too sweaty for it.

So, while Clinique's Moisture Surge Face Spray isn't normally something I'd actually buy, the sample I received has wormed its way into my heart.  A quick spritz on my face, neck and decolletage is enough to cool me down a bit.  It also adds a bit of much needed moisture, which is nice, particularly as I've found that lots of Tube travel in the summer means that a good portion of my base and moisturiser gets sweated off quite quickly (yes, sexy I know!).  I've also found that a quick spray on top of freshly applied makeup prevents a powdery looking finish.

Yes, I know you can get the same cooling, refreshing effect with water in a plant mister.  But who's going to carry a plant mister around town with them?  And who's going to want to wash out and replace the water in the plant mister to ensure they're not spraying bacteria at their face every day?  Not me (but then, I am quite lazy).

At £18 for 125ml, this is a fairly expensive product for something made mostly of water, despite the fact that each spritz uses up so little that I imagine one bottle will last out the entire summer.  Even so, I'll be repurchasing it.  While not an absolute, can't-live-without essential, if you have trouble with summer the way I do, this might take the edge off a little bit - and for me, that edge makes the price worth paying.

Get it direct from Clinique's website, or at Boots stores, department stores, or any of the many places Clinique is sold.


  1. I love the dewy finish this gives to the skin! sometimes i find it a bit sticky though and I suspect something in it clogs my skin a bit, so I don't actually use it all that often.
    Amina x

  2. £18 is a bit over the top for that! You can get 100ml spray bottles from Superdrug, but as you say, would you be bothered to steralise them...
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  3. I like the Body Shop vitamin E face mist for this. :D smells pleasant, dewy finish, and nowhere near as expensive methinks. XD

  4. Amina - I find it can be a bit too much if I spray too close to my face.

    Kat - Laziness wins out for me!

    Faye - Good tip! I feel a Facial Spray Showdown post coming on :D

  5. my favourite facial mist is avene eau thermale which you can buy in boots and its not too expensive. its so light and always cool as well which the clinique one is not. it's a nice base for tinted moisturiser.


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