Friday, 30 July 2010

Free Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain with InStyle

I love a freebie with a magazine.  Glamour and InStyle have been leading the way in recent months, with Glamour giving away Benefit products and Nails Inc polishes, and InStyle giving away Nails Inc polishes too (what is it with Nails Inc?!).

InStyle are giving away the Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain in a choice of Bronze Glimmer or Rose Pink, worth £9.50 each, with their September issue.  The Rose Pink variety looks to be a good dupe for Benefit's cult stain, Benetint, which I never quite got round to buying, mostly because of the cost and very large bottle.  I'll definitely be picking up an InStyle to try out the Rose Pink variety.

If you want to find out more (not that there's much more to it than that!), information can be found on the InStyle site.


  1. I swatched the lip stain on the back of my hand inside The Body Shop - what actually is the difference between a lipstain and a gloss or a lipsticK?

  2. To me, a lipstick is a solid product which leaves a waxy, creamy deposit of generally more pigmented colour, whereas a lipgloss leaves a light, more liquid deposit of colour. A stain in my view should be something different again - more like the texture of a gloss, but that dries down to a weightless layer of sheer colour. What was it like?

  3. It felt like a lipgloss, when I applied it, and it just dried down to a pinkish colour. I wouldn't wear it as a cheek tint, though - it's fallen into all the tiny lines in my hand and makes them stand out. Nice colour, though. (Rose Pink)

  4. I picked up the goldy coloured one today (really wanted the red one but will try tomorrow) and when I swatched it, it was all kinds of gorgeous. It's like a pinky golden affair (looks like its duochrome..if anything but nail polish can be that).

    It did stain my hand though, I had to use a cleansing wipe and makeup remover to get it off and even then it took a while.

  5. I got the golden one today - the red was completely sold out! x

  6. I bought the pink one a few years back and lost it the day after, may have to get this!


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