Thursday, 29 July 2010

Final Review: Clarisonic Skincare Brush - Living With Clarisonic

A few months back, I bought myself a Clarisonic using some birthday vouchers, and then proceeded to document my experiences (with many, many photos) for a month.  I found that my skin felt cleaner, was smoother, and than scars faded more quickly, but that I kept getting pesky spots.

A month or so on, I'm not really getting many pesky spots (aside from unavoidable monthly ones), and my skin feels much cleaner than it ever has. I thought I'd write an update with a few of the lessons I've learned in my two-and-a-bit months of Clarisonic ownership.

Apply cleanser to your face, not to the brush
Otherwise, by the time you've finished one area of your face, there will be no cleanser left on the brush, and you'll be cleaning your skin with water alone.

Make sure your moisturiser isn't too rich 
Because the Clarisonic improves absorption of any moisturiser, if your moisturiser is too rich, it will make you break out.  Similarly, unless your skin is rather dry indeed, limit your use of facial oils.

Don't press the Clarisonic into your skin
The motion of the brush bristles is enough to deep clean the skin.  Pressing the brush into the skin isn't going to bring any added benefit - it might feel terribly gentle when you first start using it but it's definitely effective!

Finally, I took a photo of the brush head before and after use and stuck them together to illustrate how much deep down grime is removed.  Bear in mind that this is after an oil cleanse to remove the bulk of my makeup!

From this, you can see that the bristles on the right look a little grubby and beige - this is dirt and makeup residue which would ordinarily be left on my skin.

Needless to say, I've grown very attached to my Clarisonic and wouldn't feel like my skin had had a proper cleaning without it.  Highly recommended, if you have the cash to splash.

If, after this, you quite fancy a try of the Clarisonic yourself, you can get it from
 Space NK online.  Bear in mind that this link is an affiliate link, and that we'll get a small reward if you buy after visiting.


  1. I'm not sure... for what it costs, it would have to do my laundry as well as clean my face.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your Clarisonic journey with us. We've loved sharing your experience. Sounds like you are really experiencing sonerific results and we couldn't be happier to hear it. If you ever have questions or concerns we are here to help. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or via email We'd love to connect with you. Happy Cleansing!

  3. I'm tempted to get one next time I'm in the States as it will work out much cheaper, but I'm concerned it won't charge properly, as I had a US iPod and the battery life was dire! But I wouldn't be carrying the Clari out and about!
    Kat x

  4. Thank you. I think this yours is probably the best review of it i've seen! It's great to have tips about the cleanser, moisturiser and so on. Now i want one more and more. I generally have good skin but i love the idea of it feeling and looking softer and cleaner than ever. Sadly it will be a long time before i have the money for one.


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