Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ellis Faas Light Revisited: A Cautionary Tale

Since first reviewing Ellis Faas' beautiful but slightly poorly packaged Light product, I've used it only a few times.  The other morning was one of those times.  I washed off the built in brush, as it was caked in dried product which I suspected would interrupt the flow of fresh product, and I turned the dial.   I turned it again.  And again.

In fact, I turned it repeatedly, cautiously, about thirty times, checking between the bristles to see if any product was actually coming out.  And it was - I could see a fresh, shimmering layer of purple goodness starting to emerge, but not quite enough to apply to my eye (believe me, I tried, and was rewarded only with a faint wash of purple, barely visible).  So I continued turning and checking, turning and checking, until the mechanism felt like it had reached the end of its track.  This surprised me somewhat; surely I hadn't come to the end of the tube in only four uses?

And then a massive glob of product burst forth from the brush tip, splattering my curtain, wall and chest of drawers with shimmering purple cream.

Undeterred I applied the product to my eyes from the remaining glob on the brush tip to my eyes using my fingers.  The photo on the top left shows the product left on the tip after the explosion and my subsequent application.  For the first time, I'm finding myself so annoyed with a product that I'm going to be getting in touch with the retailer and complaining until I get my money back.  £22 is too much to pay for something which is admittedly beautiful, but completely non functional.  Particularly when it forces me to have to do extra cleaning, which is simply unacceptable!

So beware, friends, of the Ellis Faas Light.  It will lure you in with its beautiful ways, promising the world, but you might find it doesn't perform as you would expect of a high end, luxe, spendy product.


  1. I hate products that do that!

    I have a YSL gloss which has a brush applicator but you need to squeeze it to get any product out. Just my luck that my one had trapped it is difficult to know when you have enough coming through.

    I've never had something explode onto the surrounding area before and I'd deffo get in touch because I think that's unacceptable.

  2. I have had the same problem with their concealer too, although fortunately the product did not explode and it seems to be working fine now. I was really tempted to buy more from the range as I love the textures and colours but due to limited time at the counter I bought only the concealer and the Ellis Red milky lips. I am glad I did not get more as if I did not use regularly it would have been a waste of product. This definitely needs to be addressed and I hope you get your money back.

    - Athena

  3. Eeek how horrible! I don't blame you for complaining!


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