Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thursday's Mobdeal: Something A Little Bit Fishy....

Wahanda have given us a little heads up on Thursday's Mobdeal, and it's guaranteed to make a big splash.  If you've heard of the infamous fish pedicure, during which little toothless fishes nibble at the sole of your feet while you perch by the water's edge... well, it's come to London.  And on Thursday, you can give this new and slightly scary treatment a go for the very tiny price of 12 squid (usually £30!).

Situated in Kensington, Aqua Sheko is the city's first fish spa, and it certainly looks high end - moodily lit, it almost looks like a trendy bar, apart from the presence of the fish tanks.

The deal will appear on Wahanda's site first thing on Thursday morning, and as always lasts only one day, so you'd best get your skates on.  If you do sign up, you cod choose to do so through our link - - we'll get a referral gift voucher if you do (which would be nice, but don't feel that you have to!).  Feel free to post a comment with your own referral link in the comments if you like.

Will you be diving in at the deep end and trying it out, or will you mullet over?  Innovative and exciting or a load of old pollacks? I'm incredibly interested, and although the idea makes me cringe a little, I'm definitely buying into this!

(I apologise for the number of terrible fish puns in this post.  In my defense, I just couldn't kelp myself).


  1. This might just be our favourite blog post ever. We cod you not.


  2. Awww, thanks. I'm most skate-ful.

  3. I'm getting this done in Malaysia in July :P

    And LOL @ all the puns

  4. I'd love to give it a try!I've heard it works quite well!


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