Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sneaky Peek: Armani Blushing Fabric

Here's a slightly terrible photo of Armani's latest product - which I for one am very keen to try. Blushing Fabric has the same silky smooth ultra blendable texture as their Face Fabric foundation (which I'll be reviewing soon).  I saw it in use at the Armani counter in House of Fraser, Westfield, although it's not yet available to purchase, and had to have a little swatch.  The texture is almost mousse like, the coverage is light and sheer, and the colours are very pretty.  For me, this is definitely one to pick up when it comes out - either this month or early July, depending on who you talk to!


  1. Face Fabric foundation is gorgeous for this time of year (as it lets freckles show through!) and the blush looks just as lovely! I love GA make-up for a polished but natural look.

  2. Face Fabric is a stunning foundation! Careful with it though, the amount of silicone in it can make it very flat and cakey. I had a look at the new Illuminating version while I was in the States and it was veeery shimmery, not good.

    Whenever I sold it I always stressed a few points that you might find helpful..

    - Try to use your warm fingers to apply, smooth it on and then use the flats of your fingers to pat/blend everything in. That makes the product bond with your skin and glide over imperfections.

    - Exfoliate and moisturise beforehand! This stuff will cling to every patch of dry skin you have, even bits you didn't know existed.

    - Try and skip your primer if it's silicone based since Face Fabric is basically a tinted primer. Any more silicone on your face and you'll start to look super greasy after a while.

    - After applying, set with a little powder and add a cream or liquid highlight to give your face a little dimension back. Try not to load too many powders over this as it's already very matte looking.


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