Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Review: NYX Single Eyeshadows

NYX are a brand well loved by both me and Sarah for their very lovely and very cheap lipsticks.  I've recently swapped for a few of their single eyeshadows, to see whether they are also both fabulous and frugal.

First impressions are good; presented in fairly sturdy plastic pots, the shadows themselves are pressed into a sort of quilted pattern, which is interesting, even if it doesn't really add much.  The four shades I have here are Highlight, a matte cream; Eutopia, a matte chocolate brown; Salmon, a shimmery warm beige; and Cherry, a shimmering red.

The shadows are all reasonably well pigmented, with the matte shades being a little more sheer than the shimmer shades.  They are all very soft, but not to the extent of being crumbly, and blend easily.  I've been using the matte shades for a grown up, subtle eye to pair with a bright lip, and the creamy white of Highlight combined with the chocolate brown of Eutopia providing plenty of definition but in a very subtle and classy way.  I'm not usually a fan of matte shadows, but these are definitely helping to show me the light!

On the shimmer front, Salmon and Cherry together provide a good basis for a bright eye look; Cherry is wonderful as a crease colour if you like a bit of red, being nicely pigmented but not so strong that it's easy to overapply.  For me, though, the standout colour is Salmon - the shimmery, glowy finish is exactly what I get from my absolute favourite MAC Veluxe Pearl shadows, but with a much smaller price tag.

Speaking of the price, these shadows are available on, purveyors of all things NYX, for a mere $3.50 each at present, which makes them a wonderfully cheap buy.  While they're not the absolute best shadows I've ever used, they're perfectly serviceable - blendable, well pigmented for the price, and available in a multitude of colours.  If you're looking to expand your eyeshadow collection (or even start it off!) for a low price, these are a good choice.


  1. I love my NYX Singles <3 I need to get more. They seem to get overlooked in favour of other brands in my stash D:

    Salmon looks gorgeous!

  2. Salmon is beautiful. I love NYX lipsticks and liners but have never tried their eye products, i think i might have to :)


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