Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Review: Elemis Nourishing Milk Bath

Disclosure:  This was sent as a PR sample.

Ah, Elemis - makers of the famous (and expensive) Marine Cream and of the less famous (and expensive) Papaya Enzyme Peel.  If ever there was a brand associated with high end spa treatments and Serious Skincare, then for me it's Elemis.  I've tried out a few of their skincare items before, but hadn't ever ventured into the range of bath products, so I was very happy to receive a bottle of the Nourishing Milk Bath.

Designed for very dry and sensitive skin, this isn't just a bath product - it's so moisturising, you can use it as a very rich body lotion too.  As a bath additive, you simply dose 5 capfuls into running water and soak, feeling much like Cleopatra bathing in asses milk.  Except, you know, with no asses involved.  As a lover of all things bath, I really enjoyed using this product - it is indeed very rich, turning the water milky and opaque, and making it very, very soft without being at all oily. When I emerged from the bath my skin was noticeably softer, without any residue whatsoever.

Scent wise, it's pretty luxurious - delicate, a bit biscuity, slightly malty - and very relaxing.  So much so that for the first time in my life I fell asleep in the bath.  Possibly a sign that I need to go to bed earlier rather than that the Milk Bath is a sedative - but using this at bedtime will certainly set you up nicely for a good night's kip.

I've tried applying this product neat to dry patches and am pleased to report that it definitely does help to inject some much needed moisture, leaving my elbows feeling soft and smooth.  I imagine that this would be a good product to try out for anyone with dry, sensitive skin, and London Makeup Girl tells me that it's also wonderfully soothing on itchy, stressed pregnancy skin.

Now, this being an Elemis product, it is fairly expensive.  For £39 (a lot to pay for a bath milk), you get a generously sized 400ml bottle.  Although you're quite likely to burn through it quickly if you use 5 capfuls every day for 12 days, as the bottle suggests, if you have dry, sensitive skin and it does provide some improvement, the cash outlay might look like a small price to pay.  For me though, this is a lovely, relaxing bath milk which is beautifully softening - and one which I'll be saving for when I need extra pampering.  I'd love to hear if any of you with drier skin have tried this before!

If you'd like to try Elemis' Nourishing Milk Bath, you can find it at Time to Spa, where it will cost you £39 for 400ml.


  1. Love a bit of Elemis - but the BEST is their Aching Muscle Super Soak. So good it actually makes me weep a little...

  2. I adore Elemis. Currently waiting on a delivery of the Monoi Oil which is amazing and smells delish. I think it's probably my go-to pamper brand when I feel like I need some extra TLC. Will have to put this on this list...

  3. @BeautyMama: Will put Super Soak on the list, sounds lush!

    @DINKY: We have a review of the Monoi Oil upcoming too. Gorgeous stuff!


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