Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Review - Boots Botanics Moisturising Sugar Scrub.

I really thought better of Botanics. They have some real hidden gems among their range and most of it is serviceable as well as cheap. The packaging is nice and neutral without lacking character. I'm a definite fan of the Conditioning Clay Mask, which for £4.79 outstrips products twice the price.

But! I have to call Botanics out on this disaster of a product - the Moisturising Sugar Scrub (£5.49). It is, to be blunt, a pot of absolute WTF as far as I am concerned.

I wanted to try a sugar scrub because I like the idea of a body exfoliant with water-soluble, gentle-ish particles. Based on the positive impressions I outlined above, I thought Botanics would be a good, cheap way to explore the phenomenon.

How wrong I was. This is basically a tub of Vaseline with sugar mixed into it. "Moisturising" is not strictly a lie - mineral oil is well known as an effective occlusive moisturiser. But as a cleansing product, this is a complete wash-out (or not). "Rinse well" says the tub. Have you ever tried to rinse off palmfuls of Vaseline? It's water-resistant! That is the whole point of it.

After using this I felt like I'd been wading through an oil spill. I had to start my shower all over again to get it off me and I don't think it even managed to exfoliate very well, probably due to the over-thick carrier masking the action of the sugar grains.

Like I said, disaster. Botanics - what were you thinking?


  1. I've not tried this but i've had similar problems with Soap and Glory's Flake Away. It sticks to my skin and WILL NOT LEAVE!

  2. OMG! I love Soap & Glory's Flake Away! I don't know what you mean about it sticking to you skin. Smells great and is so moisturizing!


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